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Default Free Help Besides AA

I want to get therapy but cannot afford it at this time. My business just failed and am filing bankruptcy. I will probably lose my home. I cannot bear the thought of going to AA. I am a private person, but cannot afford private therapy. Where does someone go who wants to get one-on-one help with limited income?
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Some town ans State agencies have social workers or counselors that might be able to help. Check the website from your state under addictions. Your church may be able to offer some help. Lastly, sometimes you can find online help, it's not one-on-one at least not the free ones but something. Also just sitting in the back row of an AA meeting might be helpful?? AA really isn't that bad when looking at the alternatives, at least you won't be alone and can see what has helped others. I wish you the very best.

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Have you ever been to an AA meeting? If not, then go sometime, just sit and listen. You don't have to speak or reveal more than you are comforable with. A good first step is to overcome the tendency to isolate. Sounds like you are facing some painful losses and you are grieving these losses. Is it asking too much of you to share your using patterns here?
Please respond as you see fit.
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Perhaps it would be helpful to open up here? It's not one on one but once you start telling your story, it can get easier. There seems to be a lot of stress headed your way so why not give it a try?

We're here if you need us.

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Blondgirl brings up a very good point! It is nearly impossible to find affordable help, however; if you have means to unlimited funds you won't have any problems at all. My son is in the same financial position as Blondgirl and it has been really frustrating for our family. When a person finally makes the committment to get help and to try to recover, he/she is put in the impossible position of finding a program that just isn't out there! Blondgirl, I don't know where you live but keep looking...we are! Good luck.
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I know in most areas you can get help from the Health Department. I live in a city that is split by two counties and if you are one one side, you get quite a bit more in benefits than you do on the other. It's worth it to give them a call. It's a very sad and frustrating thing, wanting help and having nowhere to turn. Some areas are better than others, as I mentioned before, so start making calls. Even those with insurance are put on waiting lists many times. It's heartbreaking. Keep pushing for answers and help, though. You have to do it for yourself.

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