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Default anxiety and sexual side effects

I am new here but not to pwrsription drugs. After an addiction to pain killers after an accident 4 years ago and losing everything because of it including my wife, kids, job, house all my money and even my dog and finally found some help in the form of bup. I've been on it for a year and managed to peice together some of my life. The one thing I can't fix is on this medication I have completely lost my libido. I have absolutely not interest at all. I also am experiencing some loss is size of my genitalia. This is weird because I've always been pretty well off I'm the category. I'm on 8mg a day and I'm also having severe anxiety on it and don't know what to do? Is any other men out there experiencing this?
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Hi Colinsplace66, welcome. How long have you been taking 8mg? Some people find that feeling anxious, lethargic, depressed can be a signal that it's time to lower their dose. You might want to talk with your doctor and see if you can give maybe a 2mg reduction a try - with the caveat that if it doesn't help, go back up to 8mg - to see if it helps. But it can take a few days to notice any difference because of the long half life.

Opioids, in general, can lessen the libido in some people and do the opposite for others. Opioids can also have the side effect of decreased testosterone levels in some men.

This thread has some people talking about it:

Hope that helps and maybe some men will chime in soon.

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