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Default do you have a good appetite on sub or not?

as the title says, do you have a good appetite on sub?

does sub increase your appetite? or does it decrease it?, or no change?

im curious because although my appetite was fine about a month ago, it is now non existant, now with me i cannot be sure it is the sub because before a month ago i was bodybuilding and had put on 42 pound in 2 months, intentionally ofcourse as i was quite a slim person.

the reason im asking everyone else is because i cannot tell by myself because i had started taking steroids about 2 months ago and its only the last 3/4 weeks my appetite has gone, so im not sure whether its that, that has caused the decrease or the fluctuation of my subutex dose.

about 7 months ago i quit smoking weed, which had caused me severe depression and paranoia, but i stupidly carried on smoking tobacco only until the withdrawals wore off, well 7 months later im still smoking and im not even a smoker if that makes sense, when i smoked weed i never had cigarettes or straight tobacco, i want to stop desperately, as this is surely to be effecting my appetite, energy levels, and even has put a stop to me lifting weights, which does get me down, i dont even like smoking its discusting to me yet i still do, anyway sorry for getting off topic.

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Seems as though it has given me a sweet tooth.

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lol Wayne, me too! However, this is a very common theme with those in recovery no matter the drug or substance of choice. I use to know the biological reason for this, but, have long forgotten it.

My eating habits didn't change, but, my first 18 - 24 months in recovery I lost more than 40 pounds and it wasn't my eating, it was simply me being active again. However, when my health failed and my activity level changed, my weight went back up, but, I am still more than 30 pounds lighter than I was when I entered recovery.
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