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Default need advise on my doctor situation

Hello Everyone,

I have a few questions that I could use some advise on..

First of all, this one is more of a situation, again, I always get myself into these...I was suppose to have my three month followup appointment with my sub doctor on the 24th of this month, but I was forced to cancel it because I don't have the money for the appointment plus the gas money to make the one and half hour trip there and one and half hours trip back. I am on disabilty so I get paid on the 1st of each month. I also still owe my doctor $91 from some billing mishap on their part that I now have to pay....So now I'll be out of my subutex in a few days, and I don't know how to fix this or if it can be fixed....I was thinking about maybe calling them and explaining the situation and see if they can give me enough meds to last til the 1st as i have been a patient there for almost 4 years, but I dont know if they allow this, I'm thinking not (and I'm scared to death to get the mean nurse, she always gets me upset, then I cry when i get off the phone with her from a panic attack)....what would you guys do in a situation like mine??? And no, I don't have anyone that can lend me anywhere near enough money to go....

Also, the other thing is that there is now a new doctor's office in my city that is doing bupe treatment and I also heard that they take my insurance(my doctor at the moment obvously doesn't), which sounds wonderful!!!! BUT...I'm scared to switch doctors after 4 years as my doctor at the moment is comfortable at tapering me at my pace and never pushes me, I'm scared that if I switch that the new doctor may force me to taper faster....and if that happens, I wouldn't be able to switch back to my old doctor....I'm very unsure of what to do there...I know I could ask the office of this new place but we all know how reliable some of those front desk people can be at doctor's offices...

Thank you for reading,
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Hi Carmen, how much Suboxone do you take a day and how much do you have left? Think about stretching out what you have left by skipping a day or cutting your dose down. With the long halflife, it might work out for you ok by doing that.

It won't hurt to call the new office in your city and see, first of all, if there are openings and then what the protocol is. Or you ask to speak directly with the doctor because you've been a Suboxone patient for a while and you want to know directly from the him/her what the treatment philosophy is. Can't hurt to ask.

Let us know what happens.

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