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Default weird side effect -- bloody stools -- no constipation

my son started suboxone on 10 days ago. they started him out at 8 mg a day and he had a lot of nausea & headaches and ended up stabilizing at 2 mg a day.

he hasn't had the normal constipation everyone talks about. he says he has a BM once or twice a day.

but -- about 3 or 4 days after starting the suboxone he started noticing some blood -- what he describes sounds like bloody stools -- he says it's not separate in the water, but kind of coming off what's supposed to be in there.

he finds this embarrassing and doesn't want to call the dr yet -- any of you ever have anything like that?
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Hi con_fused, he should go to a doctor to make sure that it's ok. If he's straining, then it could be caused by that, or it could be from hard stools.

He shouldn't wait too long to have this checked. Tell him it's nothing to be embarrassed about, better to be sure of what it is.

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thanks -- he says it all feels normal -- no straining or anything -- we'll have it checked out

i just love it when things like this come up late on a friday -- with a snow storm heading in

edit: more direct questions -- thanks to nancy -- he said even though he's not straining, they feel harder & dryer than normal. i had a bottle of stool softener's in the cabinet and we'll try that until he can get into our family dr. or the prescribing dr calls us back.

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I'm making sure I take my Miralax and eat enough fiber---my problems (if you can call it that) is that I have so much mucous in my stool, which I never had before starting Suboxone. I keep forgetting to bring it up to my MD but had a colonoscopy last year and all was well. Anyone have a mucous problem, too?
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