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Default super dark urine

I recentley changed from subs to generic tex, they seem to be making me retain all water, i puffing up and my pee is very dark and i feel like shit, but dont understand why, I mean its basically the same drug minus the nalexone, should I wait to see if it passes or should i talk to doc right away?
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Hi jakepdog, if it were me, I'd talk with the doctor right away, especially with the very dark urine. Have you changed anything else? Are you drinking enough water?

Please think about getting that checked, just to be on the safe side.

Let us know what they say.

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Hey Jake, the same thing happened to me when I was switched from morphine to subutex during pregnancy. I think it has more to do with subutex than anything else, though I don't know why. My urine was BROWN!!! It looked like tea & I was having a hard time urinating. I also retained a lot of water during that time. What ended up happening was, that with all the water accumulation, bacteria had gotten out of control & I ended up w/ a urinary tract infection that went up to my kidneys & I was put on antibiotics. Men can get it too, so go visit your doc. If your urine is really that dark, that is probably what it is. Well, that or a kidney stone. Have you experienced any pain? Or had trouble urinating?
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See your doctor. Don't delay.
You will want to rule out the possibility that Sub, or anything else, is impacting your liver or kidney functions.
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Dark urine can almost nothing, just that you are dehydrated, or it can mean something serious such as hepatitis or other liver issues. Get yourself checked out and in the meantime, drink more water
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Did the poster go to the doctor????
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Please check in with your dr. Mikat is correct....the dark urine could be harmless, but it could also be an indication of a more serious medical problem. Post again to let us know how you are and what your dr. says.
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