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Default Cant urinate

Has anybody ever takenso much pain meds that it was hard to pee (urinate)? Maybe this is just a guy thing, but when I reach a certain level of medication, its almost like i've had an epidural. I feel like I have to pee, badly at times, but have to really try and force it. When the med levels begin to taper off, so does the inconvienance. Is it just me or have you had the problem too?
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Hi baj42, you're not alone in that. I found some older threads where people are talking about that might be of interest.

Hope that's helpful.

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yes baj4! i had those problems ! i used to take bout 10 to 15 tabs a day! when i got to 10 i had trouble! i really think its because i was poisioning my system with all that crap!! i guess u are on sub now?? if u are u will see those problems get better about a week or two into treatment , if they dont i would consult ur dr because u may need a blood test to check ur kidney an liver functions! most sub drs will have u get one any way, just to see if u done any damage by ur abuse! good luck!!
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