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Default Tired-I Know, I Know, but have to ask...

Ok, So I am very settled in and comfortable at 20mgs a day. for 2months. The biggest issue is that I'm really tired and need to sleep a lot. It's not a nodding kind of tired, but a general fatigued feeling. I can fall asleep at 8 or 9pm and sleep til' noon. That's ALOT OF SLEEPING!!! I seem to require many many hours of sleep now. I have always been bad with alarm clocks, but now it's truly bad. I am so groggy and deliriously sleepy that I shut off or sleep through 4 alarm clocks a few of which have multiple settings. If I force myself to get up w/o at least 8-9 hours of sleep I have to nap. If I get a full 10+ hours I'm fine but I get sleepy and want to go to sleep very early. I am sleeping well, it's deep and I don't wake up in pain or w/d. My dreams are getting a bit vivid and noticed some bad dreams recently, but otherwise the sleep itself seems to be good. Too good!

I tried lowering my dose to 16, but there are 2 issues. 1 is that I don't feel that well at 16 and feel noticable not well by the time it's time for me to take the next dose. I don't think I'm ready to be at 16 if I'm feeling sick between dosing. 2nd and more impt. regarding the sleep thing is that I actually feel sleepier at 16mgs than if I take 20mgs. By the 2nd day at 16 I am falling asleep all over the place w/o the extra 4mgs. I know some people say they have insomnia when they are w/ding but sleeping a lot is how I spend my first few days of withdrawal. So I'm not surprised that I get sleepier if the dose is too low to fully prevent me from w/d.

I've been reading a lot of old threads and found some very similar to what I'm experiencing, but never found an answer. Maybe it's just something I have to deal with until I am comfortable at a lower dose, I have a feeling it might be.
Staying busy kinda helps, but not much. Like i said it's not a nodding thing, it doesn't get worse when driving or sitting. It's just needing a lot of sleep and feeling sleepy all the time. I was away for a week and that was fun, I was busy looking for an apt. defintily not depressed, but god I wanted to crawl into bed at 6pm and was forcing myself to stay up til' 9pm and coffee isn't helping, sleeping isn't helping and I just wonder if anyone else is like this? Any thoughts? Do you think it's just an opiate like side effect?

Thanx [|)]
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I have always been so sleepy on Sub but all that changed when I started taking it at bedtime, I usually take my Sub around 11pm and sleep til I wake up and I wake up refreshed, not feeling medicated, have you tried the nigh approached?

Every time I see this question, I always answer it the same as above, that was my only solution to my drowsiness and it worked really well.

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Hi Sunny1, have you tried lowering 2mg to 18 to see if that will help? And, as Helen mentioned, do you take it at night? Are you taking any other medications that could cause drowsiness and the combination of both is making you more tired?

Sorry for all the questions.

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Sunny; I see many posts here on this issue and for myself, I too became very tired and slept a lot while on sub. I also noticed that when I lowered my dosage keeping it high enough to not feel the WD's, that I felt more awake. Try taking your dosage starting at a low amount and increase every hour till the WD's are not felt too bad, I think you'll see the difference. Try at this (hopefully lower) level till your stabilize. After you are stabilized for a while, you can try tapering.
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Hi Sunny~ Are you on any blood pressure medicine?? I started taking my blood pressure medicine before bed and it helped the tired are day feeling? Or maybe since you feel good on 20mg a day try taking it spaced out. 1 8mg in the morning 1 8mg in the afternoon and 1/2 an 8mg at night. See if this helps. YOUR FIRST FEW DAYS OF DETOX ARE SLEEPING????? WOW I wouldn't sleep for weeks....I'm jealous! wink
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I am sleepy all the time too. The first few days on sub I slept on and off all day for four days. Now I have to nap as soon as I struggle through work and then I'm tired around 9 or ten - can barely keep my eyes open. but I've only been on them for a week, and I am only on 4mg - so I don't know if my experience compares to yours. Just thought I'd share, because I haven't really found a solution for the sleepiness either. Gallons of coffee just make my stomach hurt and I sleep more.

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I was just alittle curious, because I am somewhat going through the same exact thing...What am I am actually taking. I know it is Suboxone and it is 8mg/2mg(2pills a day), but how big/little of a dose is that? I mean, I am feeling the sleepy groggy and kinda nausea feeling throughout the day as well. I mean, I did read to take it at night,but then what am I going to do to get by throughout the day? I have my appt tomorrow with my doc, and that's when he is going to put me on my dosage for the month.I dont want it to be not enough and I don't want to I know very picky.How do I bring this up to my dr. without making him feel I am trying to do his job? I also need to stress to him that I DO want to be on this for more than a month, it is defintly much needed. He would like to see me get on and get off within a month period because I have no insurance though. I know it is expensive, but I am willn to pay out of my a** if that means to get better. I think it is worth it. If I could spend all my money on pills to get sicker, I think I can spend the money to get better! But, if someone can please help me with this, that would be excellent. Thanks for the help everyone!God Bless,
PS: The vivid dreams started for me last Kinda creepy. I am sure in time they will go away.[:X]
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Hey calico_tabbycat and crystal. Being tired all the time can mean that you're taking too much sub. Maybe see if it's ok to try to take less. Sub has a long halflife, like 37 hours, so more than half that the sub you took yesterday is still there working.

Don't know if that helped, but thought I'd put in my 1¢.

Beams! -mary
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Cool, I think I will try that. Thank you so very much. I did not know that Sub lasts that long..I am still wondering why after taking that yesterday and sleeping and all that jazz, I ended up having alittle bit of cravings later on in the evening. I dunno. Maybe like you had said though, maybe I was taking to much. Tomorrow I guess I will find out. That is when the doctor is putting me on my new dose from 8mg/2mg (two pills a day). I dont know what it will be yet, but I am sure he will way everything in consideration. But, I will let everyone know. Wish me luck!
God Bless,
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Hey Guys,
I appreciated the input. It's been a bit difficult this week trying to work on this. I saw my Dr. and we thought it best to try dropping down. We didn't think taking it at night will make a difference b/c I don't feel tired after taking it in particular and actually I am more awake for the first hour or so after taking it. It's this persistant, constant tiredness.
I was going to do what Nancy said and drop to 18mgs, not sure why I didn't think of that. i guess b/c it sounds like most people have no problem dropping down until around 8mgs. After i saw my Dr. I jumped the gun and tried doing 12mgs-15 and felt off, but I wasn't sure I could pick out specific withdrawal symptoms. I tried to hang around that for a few days, but I started having terrible sweating episodes. I have never sweat like that, just dripping. I started to feel confused, am I taking too much, too little what the hell is going on.
Soooo I talked to the pharmacist today and he said what I experienced sounds like withdrawal and is typical. That it might be a better idea to stay at 16-18mgs and that's what I'm going to try for now. I thought I would be able to drop easily , but not so for now and it's a relief to feel better again b/c the anxiety/creepy feelings were getting to me. I don't know if this is going to help with the fatigue tho' but it's a start in lowering.

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I have been on a long time. It seems like every two weeks I have to sleep 24 hours in a row. My doc put me on cymbalta and that seems to help quite a bit. I'm now back at work full time and am babying myself through it. Before, it was all I could do to get out of bed. Haven't tried the night time thing yet and may try it after all.
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