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Default depression

hi im just wanting to know i was woundering about antidepresant medication i heard that their is one that works realy well and u dont get tired and yea im just finding myself at times being realy depresd then fine up and down im so irritated i fell bipolar but then fell as if im just trying not to be in a bad mood im getting married and im happy but then im still having trust issuees and i just cant kick the deppresion i stoped taking my effexor a while ago and i felt that it wasnt realy working but now i think it did im worse now then i was then i still have days where im fine but then otheres or like in acouple hours from now ill be fine it comes and goes and im so so sick of it i hate this feeling im living with my fiance parents were getting married tommorow and its my son bday andd im so excited but his parents drive me nuts i never get a break im like theri slave they pay me but i have a 1 year old and i have to clean do this n that and sometimes i dont mind it but when they say im not doin enough i had it i work in the barn at night i wake up at 530 and dont go to sleep till 10 at nit i dont see my fiance till 700 alittle after seven then go work come in and were both exhausted go to sleep he leaves at 430 500 in the morning and its just one thing after another there are good things but the bulshit of listing to what i dont do and being drained of energy to keep up is realy wearing on me maby im just whinin but that y i think im truely deppressdd cuz im trying to figure out y i might be feeling thisway and i cant realy understand y my life realy not that bad help
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You have a 1 year old-that is 10 full time jobs itself. His parents should be happy w/whatever amount of work you do get done. I'm a stay-at-home mommy & wife and I have a 4 month old. I take care of my daughter 1st and housework gets done 2nd. Most nights I am up to 2am cleaning up the house, doing laundry etc. So you are not 'just whining', maybe they need to look at what you do do, you have a 1 year old! Have you talked to your husband? His parents really shouldn't be getting on your case and yes, that will wear a person down. Have you talked to a therapist about your depression? Sounds like you do have alot on your plate. You ddon't have to have an unhappy life to be clinically depressed. I don't know of the med you are trying to find out about, maybe someone else on here will. But congradulations on getting married!!!!!
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Hi Lacy
I always found that Lexapro worked so well for me, the problem was that my insurance would not pay for it, now I just received the new formulary of covered drugs and Lexapro will be covered with authorization from the doctor. I was taking citalorpam (sp) and it did NOTHING. When given samples of Lexapro I noticed such a difference, however the cost is in excess of hundreds of dollars if you choose to pay for it. It is IMHO the best one on the market and when I see my shrinkette I'm going to ask her for Lexapro, not citalopram in its stead. Researching the maker may help perhaps I can get them free from the manufacturer, I don't know yet all I do know is that it is a wonderful antidepressant, and I THINK there is something in the medication for anxiety as well. IMHO the best one for me.
Why not ask your doctor about this drug, mine doesn't get the samples any longer and I can't pay for it thats a fact.

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