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Default Lady issues

Did any of you ladies realized having more cellulite as usual. This is a silly topic, but I was just wondering if it could have an impact? It's summer here in South Africa and I am tiny, but have bumps everywhere,mostly on stomach and thighs. I had a child nearly 3 years ago and it's about the same time i started the sub,so it must be one of the two.....and my sugar cravings doesn't help either...and coffee...
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Me too Zelda. I also crave the sugar, and eat candy all day long. I am getting much better though, as I am trying to diet. But, I still crave sugar, (Donuts, cookies, and candy) all the time. Even in the middle of the night if I wake up to go to the bathroom, I crave the sugar.
I also notice more cellulite than usual, especially under my arms.
All since Sub. I have been on now for four and a half months.
I would rather put up with this though, than the alternative. IMO.
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Yip, I also do the same when I wake up in the middle of the evening. I would also put up with it than other alternative. I was just wondering if it's from the sub self or the sweets? Probably a combo.
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u crave sweets ur gonna have more cellulate but ya suboxin methadone all make u crave sweets unfor ladies r hit with it more than men, they crave it too but we r stuck w slower metabolisms soo u already kno it hits us where we dont want it to
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