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I am a 41 yr young Lesbian who is sexually frustrated. My sponsor tells me it is ok that two willing udults may have sex for the release of tension. I like the idea, however, I'm sure I will not find a willing female to just have sex for the release of tension. I am in my 5th month of sobriety and know I am not suppose to have a relationship for the first year. I feel like I am stuck with myself (wich can be good) for the next 7 months. Am I stuck with myself with this or are there really women out there that are very understanding of just wanting sex and nothing else?
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I would suggest that you talk about this in AA. Surely this is an issue with all that attend, lesbian or not.

Are you sexually frustrated or missing the company of a companion? There is a difference....

You need to do what's best for your recovery. It's not reccommended that you form relationships early in this process for obvious reasons. Keep the baggage at a mininum. And do what you can to alleviate your tension without taking on the baggage. I'm sure there are people out there just like yourself. If you keep your recovery as your priority, you should be fine.

Good luck


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