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Default Anyone Else Do At Home Induction

Ok, I hate to be so redundant here and start a new thread but I have my first appt. with a sub. Dr. on Thurs. morning. I called the office today to get some more info. I had mentioned before my Mom knows him and I owe her so much for knowing about bupe. and knowing a Dr. who will treat me because I never knew this was even an option. I thought I had to go cold turkey and ride it out along with seeing a therpist
They said the Dr. sends you home with a script and calls to check on you. You than go back a few days later for an eval. To begin you have 4 appts. with the Dr. and 4 with the therapist ( if you skip out or test positive for anything he will drop you), totaling $1,000. about $125/visit. The Dr. HIMSELF ( not any other DR) is on call 24/7 he even gives you his cell phone #. Also he will leave you on bupe. "as long as needed"
My questions are for anyone that did an at home induction
What mg did they start you at ?
How did you do?
Did you feel you were sent home on the correct dose ?
Did you have to call the Dr. and get the dose upped?
Should I plan on having someone with me? (my Mom is going with me to the Dr. and has no problem staying with me if need be)
Thank you ,
T- 3 days till hopefully I'm free of this hell!!
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I would like to share some information with you, but, it may offened people here. If you are interested, please email Nancy, she can give you my email address and title your email to me NAABT. As I have shared many times, getting off to a good start, IMO can really improve ones over all recovery.

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How long should I abstain from roxi's before bupe, I know you are not a Dr. but some of you seem to know more about bupe tx than the Dr.'s do ( I put my hx below, I take short acting opiates)
R/E Methadone. I HATE Methadone is bupe anything like it ?? Methadone curbs withdrawls but not enough for me. I have not taken Methadone in several months , I use it as a last resort. I still sit around and think about when my DOC will be around when on it.
I have requested your email I hope to hear from you soon, I'm a bit concerned that the response will offend, therefore I beileve home induction may not be the best route, I will tell the DR. my concerns
A little history might make it eaiser to answer my question.
Roxicodone or Percocet about 200 mg / day for about 6 months. Addicted for about 2 years on narcs for about 5 years was not addicted and only taking 2-4 vicodin or darvocet a day until car accident in Oct 2006
Thanks Again Mike
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Hi Manda, Here's the link to the precipitated withdrawals sheet. The times given are guidelines, as you know best about your withdrawals. Page 2 is the COWS - Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale.

At the right dose, bupe will suppress both cravings and withdrawals.

If you're at all concerned about starting at home, please relay that to the doctor. Even if you can ask to stay in the waiting room while you start might be an option also.

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Hi Manda

My doctor did the induction at home, and like I said I actually prefer it because I have more control over it, and I'm more comfortable in my own bed.
I once did it at my aunts house, so I could not call for drugs. I really missed my own comfortable bed.

It's good he is on call, that way if you need more or have any problems you can call him. This sounds like a good thing to me. If you can afford it, the four appointments maybe well worth it. $125 is not a bad price IMO, if you got the money. This sounds like a reasonable thing, to me.

My doctor always gave more bupe then was actually needed, just encase. So I never had to call him. I only had one additional appointment, to get the monthly script, and check with him to see how everything is going. I felt like this was sufficient for me. It may very well not be for everyone.

You will not need more than 4 8 mg tablets a day for just the first few days, no matter what your tolerance. Any more will not do anything, if your WD's are not relieved by that amount, more will probably not do anything. All you can do is wait it out, and it only takes a few days if that does happen. Which I don't expect to happen in your case. You probably don't really need anyone with you, but I don't think it would hurt, as long as they leave you alone while your getting to mild to moderate WD's.

I once transfered from 120 mg of hydrocodone a day after a surgery, it was the easiest induction I have ever had. It went like this wait until in moderate withdrawal ~24 hours, took one 8 mg tablet, 40 minutes latter felt basically fine. I took another 8 latter that day, just for good measure not because I needed it. After the first 8 mgs I only felt a little tired, thats all. I would expect your induction to go about the same, but maybe with a little more or a little less bupe.

The only thing I don't like about this thing is the part where if you test positive for any drugs, he drops you. So if he treated diabetes and if the first try at treatment did not work he drops you? Of if you had cancer and after the first treatment the cancer returns, then it's somehow the patients fault, and he drops you? That seams like an uninformed outlook.

Good luck, Everything should go great.


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By they way, you can do this at home just fine, but, I agree with Nancy, if after getting opinions, your not sure, express that to your doctor.

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Hi Manda, I posted my bit about induction on the other thread. I was inducted at the pharmacy and felt good about this as I had someone watching over me for 15 minutes or so. And really - this whole "induction" thing is no big deal. I saw my doctor and he wrote the prescription and instructed me to be in moderate w/d. I used the COWS scale and made sure I was in the "moderate" range - it really wasn't too bad and I knew there was "light" at the end of the tunnel. By the time I was ready I went to the pharmacy where they gave me the bupe, I then sat in the private room with the pharmacist popping in occasionally to check I was ok. I felt fine - in fact no different at all until after about an hour I could NOT believe every w/d symptom was gone. There's more on the other thread (your first one). Please don't be scared about a potentially scary word 'INDUCTIO0N". It's not scary at all - personally putting opiates in my mouth these days would be much more scary!! "induction" is simply going on a new drug - nothing more, nothing less. The only way it might be yuk is if you were not in withdrawal. Nothing to fear. All the best, and hugs from Susan in Oz.
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