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Default newbie -can i jump frm 10mg to 6mg in one/2 week?

hi im new here lisas the name im in aust.howdy pretty isolated at present-do some n.a/therapy which helps but need familiars advice.Im currently on 10mgs subox(bn on maitenance aver.16mg for 2years,clean off everything else for 18mnths(except drink occasionally).Hve reduced frm 16mgs to 10mgs in 5 wks-the easy part.just wondering if anyone has reduced frm 10mgs- in two mnths?am i dreaming?!i have some old court probs.coming up and would ideally like to be off subox.when they arise,late january (in case i get locked up for 6 months-50/50 chance of that-dont want to be "a druggy" in gaol)P.S LOVED the pet mu receptor scans frm other thread,ropeable ive been pusyfooting arnd on 16mg for the whole year too scared to jump down a mg!the unknown cliff!.then 5 weeks ago a friend reminded me i looked pinned on 16mg-hate that look its errie-so started reduction.the constipation and dehydration was scaring me too,im a bit better now.maybe i can take 10mgs every second day-will my body notice it?!!great help reading this site,regards,blessings lisa
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well, I went from 24mg, to 16, to 12 to 6-8mg/day in three months. Basically went down about one-third each month I guess. No problems.

YMMV ("Your mileage may vary") but if it is your intent to be OFF by the end of January, I know someone will come along smarter than me with some suggestions.

My understanding is that if anything is going to be harder, it is the very end (see thread about "can't get down from 2mg" or similar title).

The key as I understand it is a very, very slow taper from 2mg to 0. And very slow is the word!

So I wouldn't worry about going down a bit from where you are now.... do you have a doctor to ask?

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Hi Lisa, How quickly people can reduce their dose is so individual. The only thing you can do is try to reduce and if you're uncomfortable go back up a little at a time until you are comfortable. You just don't want to go too fast and remain uncomfortable.

Sorry it's there's no defined yes or no answer.
Take good care.
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i took less every 2nd day once (i believe it was 8mgs, 6mgs the next and back and forth until i was ready to stay at 6) i liked that idea, someone here told me about it of course! stick around here you will get all kinds of good suggestions!
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I was able to go from 16 to 2mg in a few months. Once you get to 2mg the work starts. Ideally I would like three months to get from 2mg to zero. My guess is to get from 10 to zero in two months, you are going to have to put up with some pretty uncomfortable times. If I had to do it, I would want to get to 2mg asap. Where is your doctor in all this?
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thanks guys,hope youse are well. im on 8mg now.Yer the consensus is the hard yards are 2 mg down hey,2mg sounds so innocuous, but not hey.(whats the math? 2 mg sub=20mg morphine yeh?)
My doctors basically senile,but hes the only one in my area,a friends doct.knows the juice pretty well,get advice though her.looks like i can adjourn my court off again in facing charges with others frm 3 years ago,dont want to deal with it at all.never bn to jail only remand couple of weeks.the jail food is just horrific,thats what scares me most!-i love thai,italian food mmmmmm!
Also off topic,my teeth are f#%n numb frm this sublingual medication.Please get 6 month teeth xrays peoples cos u could have a septic/infect.tooth and not know it-not wanting to scare u or anything!.i had a cheek abscess this week(nearly poisoned me)consequently had to have root canal today.The dentist couldnt believe how numb my teeth were-he was hitting the infected one with his little dentist pain sense tool & i hardly felt anything.-and im reducing sub. too!(till he hit a live nerve of course-then i knew about pain!)good luck peoples,lisa
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also ,yep katie thanks and im doing the undulating subox.reduction- down 2mg,up 2mg etc -great idea doctors are so primitive you think more of them wld suggest undulating reduction-why make it harder on us!?im so sick of been on opiates,the constipation,the tooth cavities are killing me,im tolerant to the subox.may as well be on nothing.i dont feel that happy cos my friends are in n.a and their into total abstinence.time goes slow when your reducing its seems!im on 6mg now.lisa
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I think you should be able to do it. What you may notice is some anxiety and insomnia, other that that you should be fine. Your body will readjust in a few days and be ok. That was my experience, so your may vary, but you can do it I would guess. Like I said it will be a little bit uncomfortable, but shouldnt be too bad. Everyone varies, so take that into account, but that was my experience. When I went from 8mg to 3 mg over 5 weeks, I had insomnia for about 5 days and took some med to help me sleep, but that was about it.
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