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Smile Leo's Post taper thread

I can hardly believe that I have been away from this site for about a year and a half.

Hello Nancy, how are you my online friend? I am a bit rusty when navigating this site, could you please confirm to me how long it's been?

Well, where do I begin? Now I suppose. I want to try and write a clear post detailing some of my experiences, including some things I have learnt, in this thread. For this reason I think that, for today, I will just keep this small and make some notes whilst at home. Still using my library computer. Got a laptop at home but it's pay as you go so expensive.

I have the opportunity of time to resume coming here on a regular basis. This forum has been a brilliant resource during my treatment and tapering journey and I have missed my friends here. Plus coming to this site on a regular, almost daily, basis gave me both a healthy routine plus a chance to maybe be of support to others (as well as get support) as they confront the terrible, terrible illness that is addiction and those entering the tapering process. Also a difficult and trying time.

Hello to all my old friends here. I hope you are all well and as happy as possible. Please feel free to write on my thread. I would love to hear from anybody who knows me here at A.S.

Ok, suffice to say to end todays entry; Today I am opioid free. Though not a staunch supporter of the twelve step approach, I do like the saying 'just for today'. In fact it's one of the most powerful sayings there is. It's also very realistic and down to earth in my opinion, and covers the complete array of 'cures' because it is based on the reality that we are only just one step away from connecting to our addictiction once again by saying to ourselves; "well I will just have a little bit of this or that and stop again tomorrow". Ha ha Just for today, just til tomorrow. It's so easy to flip this thinking. I know because I have said it time and again, lying to myself, not facing all the facts.

Away for a few days but plan to return next week. Love to all. Leo
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Leo!! It's so nice to hear from you. Glad you are doing well and I look forward to you catching us up on your life.

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Holy smokes! It's Leo! Wow!! Last time you posted was almost a year ago - it was March 12 to Deanna last year. You click on your name and then on posts or threads by you and you can see the last time you posted.

I can't wait to hear more about how you're doing and all that!

Big welcome back hug!

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