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Default Long term SMT, time to get off

I've been on suboxone for a little over 3 years after a 4 year pain killer addiction. The first year I was at 2mg, the past two at 1mg daily. I've tried to quit multiple times just to panic and go back to my doctor, I am determined to get past that point this time and finally kick this drug to the curb and get on with my life.

My plan is to taper to .25mg daily then start putting time between my doses to the point I'm skipping days. I have been that low in the past but it was a couple years ago, tapering seems to be more difficult now.

I have been at .75mg for about a week now, I haven't been feeling great but that's to be expected after such a long time at 1mg. It's been good in a way though, I'm not obsessing over feeling good all the time anymore, I'm not waking up and needing my sub dose to get me going.

I really can't afford my doctor anymore and I don't really like him. I plan to get 1 more script of 15 2mg strips which will give me about 50mg to taper with and get off, this will last months. I'd much rather have a good doc to help me get off but after calling pretty much every doc around none would take me in, it's like once they heard I wanted help getting off they wanted nothing to do with me. I do have a good family doc who knows my situation and will help with meds if they're needed.
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Hi anibis,
welcome to addiction survivors. You have a good plan, that's how I did it. make sure you stay very busy when you finally stop and fix anything in your life that causes stress. Pace your taper and it will go smoothly, good luck.
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You got it! I was on from Spring 08' to August 4th 2010. I was at 16mg but did not start taper in ernest untill year 2

I went maple syrup slow...

When I got to 1/4mg it was only a few days and I ran out by accident. I went to Alantic City the next day and had a ball-minor insomnia is all and maybe some muscle twitchs.

I never got the so called PAWS and am feeling great

You will too my friend

God bless

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I have a very stress free life for the most part, easy job, living with my mother who is very supportive and doesn't put any pressure on me.

Staying busy is the key although it's hard to find stuff to do all the time, especially during the winter. Yesterday I laid around the house all day and watched TV, I felt pretty bad until I finally caved and took my dose at 7:30pm.

Today I woke up and did some reading on here for about an hour, then got out of the house and did some running around for most of the day. I felt a little off but pretty good, 1000x better than yesterday and the only difference was keeping busy.

I remember one of the last times I quit oxy's I did a 10 day stint on methadone before I quit and got little to no withdrawl. I always thought it was because of the methadone detox but now that I look back I remember running around fixing stuff and doing whatever I could to keep busy, that's probably why I had very little withdrawl.

It just shows there are things we can do to make quitting easier on ourselves.

The only thing I really have problems with is sleep, I can get 4 hours or so but I wake up and cannot get back to sleep. I've tried melatonin and all that stuff but nothing seems to work, I guess I'll just have to deal with it.
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Hey anibis, staying busy in the winter does suck, but just do it! LOL I exercised every single day during my taper whether I felt like it or not and I tell you I think that's one of the things that helped me the most. Besides keeping me busy, it felt good physically and mentally. Helped with sleep too. The more I sat around, the more I'd over think the taper gig. Annnyways, get busy, stay busy. Don't focus on how you're feeling and don't set a date that's like at the end of your script. Say you wanna jump by X date, that's cool, but tell yourself if it doesn't work that way, then you'll just go a little more. Less pressure on yourself and the whole thing is way easier. Positive energy to you! -Mary
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