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Default Hand pain

Does anyone else have extremely tight hand and arm pain when u first wake up? It's like my hand is clinched tight all night but I really don't think that's it. It's to the point were I can't even open my bottle with my hand until about twenty minutes after I wake up. I just had knee surgery and I refused all meds (except numbing it ) . But no pain killers. Let me know if u can help me with this. Thanks.
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Hey Brian,
Can you tell me a little more about what's going on? Is it both hands or just one? It could be a whole number of things, from carpal tunnel to tight muscles in your neck and shoulders. Are you on any medications? How long has it been going on? Sorry for all the questions I am a nurse and I also went through the same thing, they diagnosed me with carpal tunnel awhile ago (it's fine now) but I used to sleep with braces on my hands to keep them straight at night. Anyhow, I'd tell your doctor about it so they can maybe run some tests to see what is causing it.
Take care,
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Hi briantheplumber. I too would wake up sometimes sleeping on my hands and they would be dead for a while when I wake up. If you know thats not the case then i would definately have that checked out. Probably nothing major but you want to check that out anyway. Hit me up if you need! Thanks! Matt
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My hands still cramp up and ache every day. Its a side effect we just have to deal with guys
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