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Does anyone here believe in the 3am Witching Hour / Phenom / Evil Hour? Or at least have wondered about it?

I have been absorbing myself in reading in my last 2 + weeks of sobriety (YAY!) And was reading some books about spirituality and came across this and was fascinated and have been online reading about it all day.

The reason is because about a year ago, I hit rock bottom. I mean I passed out when my kids were home and needed me in the middle of the day. I woke up once and they were gone because I was so drunk that I gave them permission to walk to a neighborÂ’s house (we live in the country)

Well anyways, during that time (which is still the lowest point in my life) I used to awaken every night at around 3 am. I used to joke about it all the time. Like clockwork, 3am, I woke up. I usually had a mild drink so I could then sleep for another few hours before work. I mean this happened no matter what time I fell asleep.... on a pretty regular basis

I did not quit drinking at my lowest point. I guess I was not ready. I am not at my rock bottom now but I am the most sure I have ever been that I can do this.

I am just fascinated that when I was at my lowest, I used to wake at 3am almost on the dot quite often.... and I would drink

I don't know that I buy into it at all but it is just interesting.... kinda like reading the symptoms of a rare disease and thinking (ooo, I have that!) Religious hypochondria? hehe
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I've experienced the same thing at different times of my life. I too found it amazing that I would awake at the same time every night for days at a time. It was eery and fascinating ..... but,(there's that 'but' again) I think it is more a testament to the amazing power of our brain and subconcious part thereof hard at work.

P.S. Next time you awake in the early morn warily check the room from beneath the sheets.... I swear I once saw a pair of red eyes staring back...... felt they were looking right into my soul ; ) .

Sleep well,
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It could be that your body was craving that drink - maybe like a schedule of sorts ?

Though, I noticed when I became substance free I would always glance at a clock at precisely 11:11 am/pm or even wake up at 11:11 pm and yes I too also read online about it. It was very odd. I still have times when I look at a clock and the minute will be 11 but not as much in the past year. But I was mildly obsessed with it for a while !
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