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Default Constipation I read something really interesting

I was on another sight and I was browsing through all the posts and they were addressing the issue of constipation with suboxone. I am not a Dr. or a Nurse and I don't play one on TV but someone wrote in about this problem and said if you are using the sublingual film and you spit out the saliva left in your mouth the body or your gut I should say does not absorb whatever it is in Subxonone that makes you constipated. The Dr. who is one of the moderators said indeed that does work and several others comments they had tried that letting the dose dissolve under their tongues and then spitting out the saliva. This way allow your body to get whatever it needs from the film without digesting it. Has anyone ever tried that?
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Hi Soccermom, usually people spit out the saliva if they're allergic to the naloxone. I've never heard of it to help constipation because theoretically it is the buprenorphine itself that causes the constipation because it's an opioid. And a common side effect of opioids is constipation.

There are opioid-induced constipation medications out there Relistor and Movantik and they both have naloxone in them (which is also in Suboxone, Zubsolv, bunavail and the other 'Suboxone' generics).

I guess I don't understand how spitting out an ingredient that has very poor bioavailability sublingually and in the GI tract would help constipation. But it could be worth a try. If you give it a try, let us know how it works!

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