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Default Subutex as a performance-enhancing drug? My experience

Yes, it's true, I'm proof of it. Buprenorphine is a performance-enhancing drug.

I work out at the gym (cardio and weights) and my daily is 4mg. I take 2mg at rise (about 6am), and then 1mg just as I head out to the gym (about an hour later) after a breakfast made up of cereals, milk and black coffee (nespresso, what else?).

On the days that I take the 1mg in addition to the 2mg pill (since usually I just take my second 2mg pill later in the day) my workouts are a more intensive. I'd even say I become extreme, both in speed (like jumping rope), overall length of the workout session (I've been known to pull 2 1/2 hour sessions before) and weight lifted. When I'm on 3 mg of buprenorphine, here's how a session might go:

25 minutes on the cycle, highest resistance level.
90 timed (using the boxing timer app) minutes, consisting of 90 second exercises (push-ups, squats, etc) alternating with 40 second rope jumping or jumping jacks (I don't do rest at all). The idea being to keep a cardio beat the whole time.

A no-rest routine is not recommended. Anyway, this is a fat-burning program. I also do resistance programs, which are more traditionally paced, ie., stay on the same exercise, do about 6 series, increasing resistance gradually, with two-minute (going to 3 and 4 minutes towards the end) rest times.

disclaimer 1: I'm not using subs to work out. I just happen to be a dude who likes going to the gym who also is a subs patient (have been for ten years).

disclaimer 2: taking subutex ain't gonna turn you instantly into Joe Weider. You gotta already be a gym-goer to benefit from what I am describing herein. I've loved working out since age 25.

curious as to whether anyone else had similar experiences or not?

On the subutex box, it says that subs is considered a performance enhancing drug.
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