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Exclamation For those who truly have pain, I found a all natural pain reliever.

For those who have chronic pain or just pain from other reason. I have been dealing with alot in my recovery. I had a back fusion two months ago, then had to have my sugical site open back up again about 2 weeks ago. I had gotten two kinds of staph infection. It was really bad, lots of pain in area's that I should of had pain in from the surgery. The infection spread to different areas. Well, been taking antibotics for the infection after last surgery when they cleaned it out. When they went in they had to use a spreader to spread my muscle apart to get to the gear in my lower backbone to clean it out also. So because of that I was getting alot of pain from muscle aches, spasms, and just pain from the infection. Well last week, Nancy told me about this all natural stuff for spasms for the lower legs etc.. It was Hylands Leg cramps PM. It also has stuff in it to sleep better at night. Well I went to my Natural food store.. to get a bottle of that. I got talking to the lady about my pain and what happen. She told me about this all natural pain reliever. She gave my bochures and flyer. I toke a look and was kinda like "Na this isnt going to work" Well.. I was in pain that evening and the sub really didnt help. It was my right leg was having nerve pain bad... So I went down there and bought it. I got the small bottle because I wanted to try it first before spending 40 to 50 dollars on the bigger bottles.

I have to say, It does work very well. It toke almost all of my pain away. You could feel it if you moved, but nothing like it was. Now I bought my second bottle today.. ran out. Had to buy the small bottle again.. because Im broke.

I figured I give you guys the name and website of this all natural pain reliever. And you can make your choice. Instead of all those testimony's on the website. You have a real person and its not just fake testimony's. Well enough I know your excited to get the name of it and the website link.

Here it is.... Curamin

Got Pain??

If anyone tries it let me know how it works for you. You can probably find it at any natural drug or health food stores. Most Natural drug stores are Health food stores. But you might even be able to order some off the web. or from a store on the web.

Good luck

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