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Default Welcome Dean-moved from another thread

Hi guys iam Dean i was a stimulant user for 13 years and now clean from them,in stockport were i live hear in the united kingdom we have a duel diognosies peer suppport group which invloves mental helth and substance abuse,we look at harm reduction and also for those who need to access services which hear in the uk can be like a pass the parcel syndrome,there arer many more things we do but i would like to contact and hear those who are or have been down this avenue plys what services are offferd over there in the states concerning duel diognoises,hope to hear from tyou guys xxgod bless Dean xx
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Hi Dean,

In the states if you have good insurance which imo is suffering the effects of the recession, you may be covered for detox and / or 28 day treatment. Most do offer dual dx.but it depends on the facility. Also, IOPs ( intensive outpatient programs,and regular outpatient programs are offered for those who are insured. This includes various types of counseling, therapies, combined with " group therapy " or as you say peer support.

For those without insurance, each county is supposed to have SA/MH services, based on sliding fee scale or if you have medicaid ( state insurance ). I used to work at one such place, they do offer what is termed Substance Abuse/Mental health Svs. and yes, there were clients who were treated for dual dx. , group therapy was offered more for MH issues than substance misuse.
IMO - there are good therapists,counselors, doctors etc... but the demand was such that the waiting list was so long, I fear many in need gave up as there is a crucial time when someone is ready for help / in crisis , yet they have to wait 6 weeks for an appointment. Not saying this is norm. but it did happen.

I am not sure if this helps - that is just what I saw a few years ago and from colleagues who I am still in touch with, due to increased unemployment, lack of insurance , the situation has become fairly dire.

There are non=profit programs, via homeless shelters, Salvation Army and others who offer similar assistance but again, the demand is high. I wish things were different, better, the most we can do is communicate with our politicians , policy makers so that addiction will one be treated like any other disease- imo.

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