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Default wish I would have known...

I was reading a lot of post about being pregnant and on suboxone and wished I would have found this place years ago. If anyone would like to hear part of my story?! About four years ago I was in a pretty bad place an on top of that I found out I was 10 weeks pregnant. When I finally went to a county detox center. after waiting months to get in for the medical bed, an after going through all of the intake process (keep in mind I'm dope sick as hell) I was turned down after telling them I was thinking of keeping the baby. The staff told me that there wasnt enough drug trials to say it was ok to be pregnant and on subs, and that they couldnt be held responsible if anything happened to my unborn baby. So they told me to call my ride to pick me up. I was in shock and scared, I couldnt believe that. so basically I couldnt be on subs but it was ok for me to go back on the streets and use drugs. And I did for another 2 months, when I had read that you should detox before 4 months or the baby could die. Lucky I had the will power to clean myself up just in time, I told myself that my baby deserves a real chance at life and I new I couldnt handle watching my baby go through withdrawls. I'm lucky and I thank God every day my daughter is healthy. But it could've turned out a lot different because I know those months I was using could've done a lot of damage. Bottom line it still upsets me that back then I was trying to get help, know one would help me. I know I got myself into that mess but it still bothers me that It was ok for me to use Heroin rather than take suboxone. sometimes things just dont make sense. I do though some what understand where they were coming from.
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I can see how since they KNOW how to treat a baby born to a heroin-dependant mother....that they would do that instead of telling you its okay to use something that they really didn't know anything about at that time.

So glad your daughter is healthy...whata miracle. Don't feel guilty, we all do things we regret and it turned out fine! What a story....can I ask where you were living at that time? Just the State. I find it interesting, because others have said they were pregnant and their Docs did advise them to stay on the suboxone when pregnant, which was years ago. Its funny how some doctors can be so informed and others seem to not be. Especially with important things like that. I hope all Medical Professionals know now how to accurately treat pregnancies while on sub......its SO scary to fool around or guess with a LIFE!!! You must have been a nervous wreck!!
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