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Sad state of affairs
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Unhappy Don't know what to do anymore.

Hi everyone, I am a new member and need some support as I have an alcoholic husband. I am so afraid he is going to poison himself he drinks so much vodka on the weekends. He goes to work during the week which I am very thankful for....but he drinks everyday.. Weekends are the worst. I can't have family or friends over to our house because he is drunk. We have been married 25 yrs.... things got worse about 10 years ago when we lost one of our sons to an overdose at age 22. He refuses counselling and I can't make him stop... the more I nag the worse it gets.
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R. Lee
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SSA, Welcome to the site. I am a recovering alcoholic who drank almost every day for 42 years. I could not get sober until I wanted to get sober. Nothing could change me. I lost my job, went through divorces. Life was about me & my wants.
You do have options, you do not have to live like this. Have you tried Al Anon a support group for familys of alcoholics? All the nagging in the worls will not make him change.
Good luck on your decisions.
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