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I have been on buprenorphine for over 5 yrs ..I am a different case than most ..I have an incurable genetic disorder. .Nothing can slow it down or cure it .. I was put on pain meds at a very young age ..we all know how that ends up. .well iv had my life back since getting on buprenorphine. .I went from homeless in and out of jail to own my home bought 4 vehicles last year.. have my kids ,support my kids, iv volunteered in drug counseling for 3 yrs now helping people in any way I can .. my first year of treatment costed me $33,000 after that it went down to about 15,000$a year .. i recently after getting wth a cheaper pharmacy have been paying 180$each month for 90 buprenorphine. .THANK GOD FOR THAT PRICE took me 6 months to find that pharmacy. .well they stopped stocking the medicine last week ..I can not get into a local PHARMACY.. In my area we have been hit hard wth the pill mill doctors and the pharmacis look down on this medication. .THEY WILL NOT EVEN TAKE PREGNANT WOMEN BEGGING FOR HELP ..I can't help anyone get into treatment because they can not get into a pharmacy to fill their medicine. .NEITHER CAN I NOW. . The local pharmacy well actually all across the state have begun monopolizing the market the few that will take a patient r charging us 14.50$ per tablet or $15 per tablet ..BECAUSE THE KNOW WE WILL PAY IT OR RELAPSE medicine next month will be 1,250$ at the pharmacy. .I have tncare it won't pay ..also i tried to buy insurance well thank u Obama care it is not open enrollment.. and last open enrollment when I tried it wld only kick me back to tncare ..I'M SO FEARFULLY OF LIFE LIKE IT WAS ..I have helped over 320 people in 3 yrs ..and now can't even help myself ..I absolutely do not know where to turn wth this anymore. .the pain pills r a loosing battle but I can go bk to the pain clinic and my insurance cover 100% and my life go to shit again. ..buprenorphine has saved my life and helped my pain.. its the only thing Iv ever been able to manage and not have to increase the dose like pain pills were .. buprenorphine made me mommy again.. my kids did not even call me mommy before .. my whole family trust me and depends on me now ..before everyone had turned their back on me because i was so bad and untrustworthy. . I changed my life wth this medicine I'm in college iv came a long way from where I was . I'M SO SO SO FRUSTRATED WTH TREATMENT IN MY STATE BEING FOR PROFIT COSTING THOUSANDS ..AND IM SICK OF THE PHARMACIES FILLING SOMEONE IN FRONT OF ME IN LINE GETTING THEIR OPANA OR OC THEN LOOKING AT MY PERSCRIPTION FOR BUPRENORPHINE AND TALKING TO ME LIKE I'M TRASH ..TURNING ME AWAY ..TELLING ME THEY WON'T FILL THAT MEDICINE .. ???? U ADMIT UR AN ADDICT AND WANT HELP so THEY TREAT U like trash ?? YET that pill addict in line in front of me gets treated like a good person because they don't admit their addicted ?? I'm not saying material things make a difference but I drive a bmw and carry a 2,000$ lv bag ?? If I were using I wld no way in hell have nice things !! How can pharmacist not see that and treat us patient to patient ?? why is it a flat out No because the medication they do the same thing wth suboxone subzolve bunevel...all of it ..WHAT CAN I DO to get my medication filled I have even reached out to manufacturers and distributors ??

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