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Default what did i get myself into..

hey guys, i recently came onto online forums to get some incite on what i should do.
im 21 years old, and unfortunately came into a supply of alprazolam. now the part that gets twisted is the form they come in. same shape as 2mg bars but i know the dosage isnt 2mg. me and a buddy both agreed that. i take 3 in the morning and 3 at night now. i used to eat them like candy.
I kept taking these pills because i got them for free (well basically) and i have an addictive personality. i recently quit for 4 days (ran out) and was very ill. NOW i understand what benzo w/d REALLY is....and im SCARED. luckily i got 3mg of kpin at work and that took it away. thats when i really knew it was the benzos. so now im at the point to where i have to take these stupid pills (its just as much mental as physical). ive read that switching to a higher-life benzo and a good tapering schedule is about the only way to do it. ALSO i do have a year off heroin, and now im down to .5mg suboxne a day (started at 16mg). my parents are divorced and i live with my dad. i work a 30hr a week job. i cant call off, nor can i tell my father. him telling me how he felt while i was on heroin killed me. not knowing if im gonna be alive or not. he always tells me have a plan. so i figured i would come to this fourm to seek some advice. even somebody that just knows the feeling would be awesome.
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Hi flatline123, I was hoping someone would chime in here as I don't know enough about benzos. What I do know is that you need to taper down because benzo withdrawals can be life threatening. Have you seen this site? It has some of the best information on benzos.

They have a link to the Ashton Manual and that has info on withdrawing from benzos that might help.

Congrats on your year off of heroin. That is fabulous!

Just be really careful with the benzos and check back in if you have time.

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Hi, you need to slowly detox yourself. I came of xanax in Jail and it was no fun. Even a short term dextox will not be enough. Xanax is very dangerous. Be careful. take a least as possible and if you can get down to 90 bar a month, you might be able to get a doctor help you withdraw. Good Luck
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Hi, the 'Ashton manual' as mentioned above is excellent. Well written by an extrtemely knowledgeable person. It advises swapping to diazepam for tapering off most benzos due to it's long half life. The manual provides a swapping over and also tapering schedule for each benzo.

Do give it a look as it will definately help you and provide you with hope also.

Best wishes!

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Thanks for sharing your post, I can relate to a lot of what you said I'm currently going through almost the same thing. I've been prescribed and buying from others Xanex and Klonopin for the past seven years (I also have been clean from Heroin almost a year). I've been to rehab a few times and last week had to go to detox in the ER to get off them because I realized how addicted I was to them, and cross-addicting. I would always justify my reasons for taking such high doses (as addicts do). In my opinion I think your best bet is to either ween yourself slowly or if you can, go to your ER (I had to say I was suicidal for them to take me). The advantage of going to a place is that you're monitored because stopping Benzos cold turkey can cause seizures and even death. I have to say stopping them is one of the hardest things I've had to do, but I've heard as time goes on it gets better. There's other non-addictive medications to help with the withdrawals and anxiety. I'm on Suboxone as well and until I went to detox I didn't know this but the FDA says it's illegal to be on Benzos and Suboxone together. Anyways, good luck-hope this was somewhat of a help!
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