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Default 6 strips left.....

Hello everyone...... This is my first time ever writing in a place like this, but I've tried this on my own before and it did not go so well. I have weaned myself down to 1/5th of an 8 mg strip and would like advice for a successful taper from this point on. I only have 6 strips left but would like to go as slowly as possible because I've done this before: got down to 1/12th of a strip and had such severe migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and RLS that I literally went insane. I bought the withdrawal ease this time (I don't know if this even helps) because I am almost out of my prescription and can not afford to go because I lost medical insurance. I don't understand how such a microscopic amount made such a difference, but when I finally gave up after 3 months of suffering and started taking 1/5th of a strip, everything changed: the anxiety, irritability, the migraines, all gone. Please help! Any feedback is appreciated!
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Hi, you are in the right place! Welcome to the best place on earth. There is a ton of awesome information and people on this site. I am sorry to answer a question with more questions but some will help us get a better picture of things for you.

How have you tapered down to 1/5 a strip? As in weekly decreases etc. how long have you been on subs? What was your max dose and how did you taper down from there?

What I will tell you is that buprenorphrine is an EXTREMELY potent med. as in European countries (and here too I guess) use 0.4mg as a dosage for pain. It definitely pays to go slow as you taper since the half life takes awhile for you to feel any effects. 6 strips is a lot for you, and you can do this. I cut my strips in the end to 64 pieces (or whatever made up .125mg, teeny weeny ones I used tweezers they were so small) and I skipped days at the end. You'll find what works for you.

Okay, I'll let some of the others chime in, I have to walk the dog! Oh- exercise is super important since it helps your body make natural endorphins. My worst drop was from 1mg to .5mg and it wasn't even that bad.

Okay, don't panic, we will help you!
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Hi tryingagain1, welcome. I just want to add a question to Angie's. Did you do any counseling/therapy while taking Suboxone? That's a very important part of the process as the medication is only meant to stop cravings and withdrawals while the patient works on him/herself.

Here are a couple of good threads.
"Things I learned from my taper..."

"People who have tapered off' - in this one you can read people's taper experiences - good and bad - and learn from both types of experiences.

Hope those are helpful.

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