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guilty mom
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My 32 year old daughter is addicted to meth, I've never been so scared & confused & helpless. She is tiny her skin color is gray. She always looks dirty and dingy. She was a very pretty girl. She tells me it takes her pain away she can get out of bed and play with 10 year old son. I do understand if it truly takes her pain away but I know it's killing her. She was 19 when she started getting sick I finally took her to Cleveland clinic they found 2 brain tumors and 4 in her belly. She has been so sick for so long. Then one day 5 years ago she started getting out bed . Showing up to family dinners. I thought ok we are getting it we will beat this . Well now she is going well anyway you know.

I have read many of your post I have learned so much from all of you. I had no clue about this drug . The tough love to help not to help ?????? I just cry !!!! I love my daughter so much I can't do the touch love I don't have it in me. I have seen her leave this world during the cancer stood there and watched the doctors bring her back. I just know with all my being I can not walk away from her. For the first time I'm very lost. No answer no fix no clue. I have read book searched the net. I have a better understanding now that I have read so many of your stories. Please someone ???? What can I do.
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Hi guilty mom, welcome. What does your daughter say when you speak with her about the meth (I'm assuming methamphetamine and not methadone) misuse? Have you told her your fears - if not, maybe put it all in a letter to her so she can read, re-read and absorb what you're seeing happen to her.

If she is in pain, she should see a doctor - methamphetamine is not a painkiller. She's probably using it to kill emotional pain. Perhaps treating her own depression? Has she ever had a psychiatric evaluation?

Methamphetamine is one drug that can damage the brain.

Does she want help? Until she does, there's really not much anyone can do.

For you, have you gone to any alanon meetings and talked with people going through/or have gone through similar circumstances?

I'm so sorry for your pain and your daughter's also.

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