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Unhappy Advice please

I am going through a really hard time right now with my boyfriend who I've been with for over a year. He and I are absolutely perfect for each other.. EXCEPT for the fact that he has an addiction to meth. He has been coming in and out of my life a lot lately, going on binges and completely disappearing for days then coming back and quitting for awhile saying how much he loves me. I can't handle anymore of this back and forth, it's causing me severe anxiety and depression not knowing if/when he's coming back. I know he loves me and wants to quit, but he won't get help and I don't think he can't do it alone. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this type of situation? It's become pretty clear to me that I need to leave him but it's so hard to handle the emotions that go along with doing that because I really want to be with him. During his sober moments he shows such a great effort and desire to quit for awhile then something always sets him back. I worry about him and want the best for him but I need to do what's best for me. Any advice would be really appreciated.

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As was stated to me many times, and I didn't listen..."tough love".
Tell him to shape up or ship out and stand firm.

Life is too short to live in misery, especially when you don't have to.
There are plenty of sober men out there that most likely share the same goals and desires in life as you.

Not sure how old you are (I'm over 45) but if you're still relatively young, put your foot down and make him decide whether it's the meth or you that he wants most.

Coexistence of his meth use and your feelings towards him is not an option for a happy relationship.

Just my opinions and hoping it all works out for you both, together or apart...
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I am going through something very similar if you would like to go read my previous threads about my boyfriend that is addicted to heroin. I had to end things today after he stole money from me for drugs. It is extremely hard to let go, I love him so much and the worrying wont stop, if anything its gonna get worse because now I don't know where he is or who he is with. But for my sanity I had to distance myself from him and his addiction. I know in a couple of days I will feel relieved. Right now I am sad, my relationship has ended because of a drug and that is very hard to accept. Maybe in the future when/if he Is better we can try to have a relationship. You can always do that too hun just put some space in between you guys right now and let him know you are very bothered by the drug use and if he doesn't take some concrete steps towards recovery that you will have to walk away. Its not easy but stay strong!
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