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Default suddeningly i'm not alone!

I ceased fighting everything and everyone. I started to see what's right in the world rather than whats wrong.
It was only then that I could find peace.
That's what the steps do for me!
Just my input after reading some of the rant's!
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"Like a gaunt prospector belt cinched in around his last once of food our pick struck gold!" The joy of a release from a lifetime of frustration knew no bounds"

My absolute favorite line from the "Big book" The joy and elation I felt before I was halfway through (with the 9th step as mean't here but actually long before I go to step 9) Was beyond measure and discription. The best I could put into words was during my "pink cloud" the grass was greener, the sky bluer and people nicer!

Glad the steps are working for you

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good for you men, hope i can do that, but evrything in my life now is wrong.
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