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Default how long till ya start feeling w/d from methadone

how long after you take your last bit of methadone should you start feeling the w/d??
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It's different for everyone 24-120 hours. The higher the dose generally the longer, but it varies in people.
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If you are switching from methadone to bupe make sure you are well into w/d's. Don't take bupe while the w/d's are mild. You may pricipitate more w/d's. The longer you wait ( it may hurt a little )the better it will work. If you take the bupe too soon you could cause yourself un-necessary pain and suffering. You should tapper down on the m-done over a period of time according to your dose. You should get down to 30 mgs a day or less and then wait atleast 24 hrs and longer if your wd's are not sufficient to start bupe. Switching from m-done to bupe is harder that switching from typical opiates. Getting well into wd's is very importnt when switching from methadone.
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Before stating be very familiar with this sheet;

It explains how to measure your withdrawal to know if you are enough to begin.
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methadone w/ds are diff for everyone. methadone gets into all parts of ur body including ur bones some say. so the w/ds dont start for a while and they last a long while thats the bad thing. good luck
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Not to encourage someone to use any opiates , but any thing you can do to help you over the hump.
And away from the clinic is worth it .I had a script of oc post surgery (gall stones for four pluss years)
And I all but forgot about the methadone. Due to the long halflife of methadone, compared to
Others w/d starts a few days in and lasts as much as a week and even longer ,and it didnt seem to get any better even after two weeks without any thing.
But by then your pretty safe in taking suboxone, and after a long time i once again felt like i should (yea) .its a long hard road
To escape from the grip of methadone (oxy continas well) but well worth the effort.
Some doc's will prescribe a substitute for mainenance purposes
And others will use subutex for a brief period of time and yet other doc's who dont know will only prescribe suboxone (my doc) so its a hard transition. Personaly i wanted of the methadone do or die.
I wanted my life back without strings, ua's and the crap that all methadone providers put us through. I had five plus years compliant with the program and was
Still subject to their controling
Policies. At that point i truly believed i would make it .and did what i felt i had to do to escape
From the meth trap. Now three months latter i have some what of a normal life (as normal as most)
And freedom from daily trips and waiting in lines the pushers in the parking lot ect ect.
So if you can make a week or more
You will be rewarded.with an easy transition and keep this in mind that the metadone clinics are out to keep you as a client as any drug dealer would so you will get little info or support from them.
Best wishes from some one whos felt the pain of breaking free from methadone.
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Hi again help777 - are you withdrawing from methadone or oxycontin? Or both? I'm a bit confused? If you are comfortable providing more information it would help 'those in the know' give you the answers you are looking for. Whatever you decide, I wish you well.

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I have experience doing a high dose methadone to suboxone transfer. I can tell you it wasn't very pleasant. I was on I think 120mg/day but may have tapered a bit a few days before the transfer. I had to wait 4 or 5 days! to get full on w/d's.

I made a mistake and I took my first 24mg of sub on day 2 and it put me into bad percipitated w/d's, I was only feeling somewhat not well but not in full w/d's when I took the first sub which was a big mistake. I got very bad off about 30 minutes to an hour after dosing the sub, at about hour 2 I downed my last methadone take home and it counter acted the effects of the sub which I was very glad for. I was like wow! that was more pronounced then I had expected, Don't underestimate preciptated w/d's when your doing a methadone transfer.

On day 4 I think it was I took another 24mg of sub since I was actually fully getting the sickness symptoms finally. It worked great that time! I just took my dose and hopped into a hot shower to wait for the dose to kick in and make me feel better, after the shower was over I felt fine! It actually worked and it made me so happy that it worked out finally. I suggest waiting as long as you can, don't say oh well I feel not well now, maybe it's time. Wait until you actually have the true sickness within you and when you take the sub it will make you feel very well very quickly. Just my experience, my doctor didn't even expect it to take that long but I have found out that it is very COMMON to take 4 days or more before you get fully sick from no methadone.

Hope it helps, btw I am back on methadone but only for cost reasons since the suboxone is so expensive at this time. It did work great though! good luck!

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