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pam cardona
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Default committing a family member

i need help in attaining any information on helping my nephews in committing their mom into a rehab center.the situation is pretty bad,and they've been living with her in this condition for 20 boy is 20 and the other one is 16.they say she's even having bad memory loss there any way we can help these kids???
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If you don't mind me asking.
Is the mother willing to go into treatment?
Is she covered by insurance /health plan with a primary physician??
If yes to both of those questions then it will likely a matter of finding a treatment facility.
Have you spoken with a treatment facility?

If she has some resistance, taking that into account, is she talking with family when she is sober, or not drinking heavily?.
How are her faculties, is she able to care for herself?
Are there lapses in her self care?

I would recommend contacting your local or state services, talk with a substance abuse counselor.
And her doctor.

Welcome to the board. I hope you find reading the posts and responses helpful.
Feel free to join in.
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I can only imagine it would be difficult but definantely DOABLE! I agree- check on insurance, assisted programs etc. I have checked with my insurance and they don't cover treatment so I am avoiding going away for treatment but largely because I don't want to leave my children for even a day. PRAY. Your family is looking up to you to help and all I can say is from walking in my own shoes, please do it! Good Luck. Olivia
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