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Default it's horrible

Mr dr called in the Rx for librium. I did not have time to pick it up due to competing work deadlines. So I went to package store again tonight. I spent so much money and I only get paid monthly. I am afraid as we have a 1 year old who needs food, milk, diapers, wipes, clothes etc. but I am compelled to drink.
My husband can't seem to acknowledge it or stop me...maybe it's too painful for him.
I am so distracted about when, where, how I can cop vodka that I can't focus on work and last week I got a huge promotion with huge expectations that I feel I cannot meet b/c I don't feel I am smart enough or good enough.

I feel so isolated.

In my closet I have hidden a garbage bag full of empty vodka bottles and I've been scoping out dumpsters where I can dump them late night. But now it is so out of control that my bureau drawers and laundry baskets are full of them. I want to discreetly get rid of all the evidence and start anew.
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It sounds like you are having a rough time.

Welcome to the message board. It sounds like you are searching for some help. Or least some support. Are you getting tired of the drinking and hiding? What would it take for you to begin to take the steps you need to make? It will take effort.
Look at how you describe what is going on with you. If you want those things to change then the alcohol must be eliminated.

So where do you want to start? What do you think would be a good place for you to start?
Have you ever been to a meeting?

Does your doctor know you are drinking while taking Librium? That is not a very good combination.
You say you can't talk to your husband? Is there anyone you trust that you can speak with?

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