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Default want to start but afraid of pain

My name is Bill and I am happy to see this site where i dont have to explain to people where I am at or been. I truly thought all people on pain meds were like the ones I scored from when i ran out of prescribed meds. and I was relating myself to them and wondering what the Hell I was doing.
Well my main worry is my pain when I start Bup. The stories of people getting relief from depression is very encouraging though and a big factor in us(wife also) starting the treatment. We are waiting on a Dr or will call 1 soon as there are very few in our area of Tx.
Thanks for all your posts as I spent 3 plus hrs here yesterday gathering info and very excited about this So please let us know yall deal with the pain.
Bill & Cheryl
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Welcome Bill & Cheryl,
Not everyone reports the same pain relieving benefit or relief from depression when starting buprenorphine treatment. Keep in mind sub has only been approved for opioid addiction and is supposed to reduce cravings and withdrawal. However as you may know buprenorphine was first brought to market as painkiller and is still used today (in injectable form as Buprenex)Others with pain problems have decided, with their doctor, to try it and see if they get enough pain relief and treat their addiction at the same time. Because of the ceiling effect, it has been enough for some and not enough for others. My advice would be to talk about it with your doc, but keep expectations low, then if it does work out for you, it will be a bonus. Best of luck, and welcome again.
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Hi Bill and Cheryl and Welcome,
Tim gave you some great advice. As he said, the way sub works for pain and depression varies from person to person. As a result of chronic pain I became very depressed. Sub took the dark cloud away so that I could begin to sort things out. Combined with mega doses of ibuprofen I can sometimes get the pain under control. Others have found great pain relief. In addition to it helping with your addiction, I hope you get the side benefits as well.
Best of luck to both of you-I think it is great that you are doing this together.
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Hi Bill and Cheryl and Welcome. It sounds like you are in the right place.

In another post here, by OHMike I gave a synopsis of my story but here I want to tell you about my chronic pain and sub. I was in a pain clinic because I wanted to continue taking drugs and was in it for 4 years. My PCP and other docs got sick and tired of giving me narcotics when I complained of chronic pain. I said it was scar tissue pain from the 7 abdominal surgeries I had. I can be honest here today tell you pain is not what was on my mind when I was in my actress mode at the clinic. It was that heart pumping anticipation of getting my little hand written white paper to run to the pharmacy with.
I had some fear over the pain re-surfacing once I started sub, but I can tell you it hasn't. I have no idea if it would be there if I stopped taking sub but know I don't have it today. Here's what I do, I take my 16mg as usual first thing in the morning then in the late afternoon if I begin feeling some pain rumbling around in my abdomin I melt 4mgs and I have not once experienced any break through pain or otherwise.

I agree with Susan it is a great thing you are in this together, we are here for you if you have any questions and please trust you are doing the right thing.

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Take it from a 38 yr heroin addict who has lost everything time and time again.Suboxone has saved my life!Since I was inducted on 1-22-07 there is no more depression,cravings, and my pain issue has lessened a great deal.I don't know to what degree your pain is,but I broke my back in 1978 by diving off a draw bridge in charleston s.c.It bothers me from time to time,but nothing I can't handle.I own my own construction business and it has grown tremendously in the last 3 months.That should tell you something.You and cheryl are going to be just fine.Hang in there and remember you have a lot of friends willing to go the mile with you.All you have to do is click on NAABT
Peace my friend
In my prayers..Bdog
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Thanks to you all for your replys. We havent got a dr yet and will be trying on Monday. Until then I guess everything will stay the same. Hoping to get Doc before scipts come due if not i will not give up. Your stories and posts (I read more than post at this time)Have really given me Hope. Some wrote somewhere sick &tired of being Sick and tired. Well that is me!Thanx for the hope and afuture to look to
Billy & Cheryl
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what kind of chronic pain do you have stnmn?
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I am a chronic pain patient. I was taking oxycontin with percocets and lortabs for breakthrough pain. My tolerance was getting to high. I decided to try suboxone and to my suprise, suboxone works twice as better then the other pain meds I was taking daily. I will ten times better on suboxone them full antogonists.

Good luck
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Dont get your pain relieving hopes up too high, sub has a ceiling effect unlike full opiates, therefore you cannot go past a certain point, with full opiates there is no ceiling increased doses means more pain relief.
If your level of chronic pain falls within subs ceiling limit, it will work great for your pain, but if your pain level is above subs ceiling, your pain will not be in control.
Sub is strong enough for alot of chronic pain patients, but for others it isnt enough. We have a memebr here (Bassdad) He tried sub for a year to treat his chronic pain, He had a miserable time the last few months he was on sub, He has since moved on to methadone and doing fine.
I am not advocating methadone (I Hate the stuff) But if you have to take something strong for life for pain, it may be the best option.

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Tanks to all for replys and advice now all I need and want is a doctor. All the ones on the list are not doing it any more or # is no good so I guess it is outdated. Any advise on this? i really need this and everyday I read more and more from yalls posts and realize there is hope Thanks Bill
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I am a chronic pain patient. I need knee replacements. ( Bone against bone) I am helped alot by the sub. The pain that I still have is controlled with Tylenol twice daily. I take 20-24 mgs. daily & have sionce Feb. 13, 2006. It has worked wonders for me. Good luck to you Bill.

What area are you in ??

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Bill, you might want to extend your search area for a physician. If you only have to go once a month a longer drive probably wouldn't be a problem??

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