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Default start subutex today..need all info i can!

So I took my first 8mg pill today! The whole time thinking this was just like suboxone( i had got off the streets once before) where I had to take 3 to "feel okay", I waited and really within 20 minutes or so, I started feeling better and better! Actually, I probably could have taken just a half. I'm wondering about how long this will last before having to take another one. Actually, my script says to take 4 8mg a day, but I don't even think I will need more then another half.
I admit,, I am a little shaky, alittle sleepy, but that could be cause I didn't get a great night sleep.
Anyone wanna share their experiance? Or share any info you might have? i would sure appreciate it...thanx so much!
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Welcome Tena!

First subutex and suboxone are the same thing with the exception of the suboxone has naloxone in it, which is clinically insignifigant in most research, except of course for those that have had a reaction to it.Also the naloxone was added so that if a person were to try and inject the suboxone they would go into w/ds.

There are different doses tho, I wonder if the ones you had taken earlier were 2 mg pills, that would explain the difference also.

Now what does you Dr say about you recommended dosing? How often etc?

Usually those of us on sub have found that after an hour we feel better, and it is possible after 8mgs to feel much better, but believe it or not the 2nd 8mgs can sometimes make us feel even more stable. It completely depends on the person, drug use history, length of time using etc.

Keep in contact with your Dr about how you are feeling etc, that should be your first line of communication.

There is a ton of info here in the education sections, and read read read is all I can say!

Remember that no matter what every person is different, so keep that in mind when reading.

We all took different roads to get here and we will take different roads to get out of and get on to living! That is the ultimate goal..

Since you just started sub, its alot to do that on its own, but soon you will have to consider what plan of action you will be taking to insure that you dont return to using your doc.Dont want to throw too much at you at once lol. Have you any plans currently to assist in your journey? That is a common question and like I said if you dont right this second, thats ok too! Enjoy becoming addiction free for a few days, its alot to take in!
Again welcome and best of luck to you!

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Hi Tena and welcome.
Michelle explained the difference between -one and -tex and that there are 2mg and 8mg tablet sizes.

Another that could come into play with how you're feeling is the amount and what you were taking before when you took the 3 off the streets, and now where you have a prescription. That would be some help. If you are transferring from methadone or OxyContin (not crushed) sometimes a larger amount of bupe is sometimes needed.

One thing that you might think about doing is keeping a journal of what you've taken and how you feel so that you have it documented to share with your doctor to better base where you're dosing will be. You've just started so you will be getting used to the medication. Try to stay hydrated, that will help, and hopefully you'll get a better night's sleep.

I hope this was helpful.
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It will really help people here give you advise if you can fill in the details of your situation.How much of what for how long?
Im glad you have deceided to deal with your problem,you will be happy about that too very soon.
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Isnt it a wonderful thing subxoxone on the streets is used to get off full opiates as intended, no mis-use with sub. I wish the streets was flooded with millions of those little oranges. America would be a better place.

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