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Default wanting to start on suboxin

what can i expect where i live there is not many places to go for tretment and it will cost me around 500 dollars to get started is this a usual price
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The price varies, from one place to another. If you have insurance it will most likely pay most of it. If not there are places that may help you. Others who know more can answer questions. Are you in a state that has Medicaid or government help? If so you can talk to them. Mean while I know for me that was just a portion of what i was actually paying for the drugs on the street. I would get 240 10/325mg pills from a doctor and buy another $300.00 worth a week on the street. that is not to mention all the time and energy that i had to use to find them and the lies i had to do for the money's also would got to 3 or 4 E.R. in the area several days a week. I am one of the fortunate ones that do have insurance. But if i did not have insurance and know what i do now about suboxone i would gladly pay the money.
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My doctor does not participate with insurance and the appointment to start taking suboxone was actually right around $500. My insurance does cover each prescription, so I pay $35/month for my script. I pay $215 for each visit to the sub doc, and he varies from wanting to see me once a month to twice a month.

It is not a cheap treatment for me. But as mom says, if you are getting your pills by any other means than legit, insurance-covered prescriptions, chances are you are spending a fair amount on pills per month already. And god knows if there are any legal issues related to your disease...I easily spent $200K in a matter of a couple of years for lawyer fees, court fees, rehab programs and the like.
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hello william, like momovsix said it really depends on the location for what you will pay for the treatment. From I know a lot of places dont want to take insurance they want cash, yes suboxone is a money maker. I even hear that it is gaining more popularity on the street than a lot of the "GET HIGH DRUGS". People want it to get them thru withdrawl untill they can get money for thier drug of choice. Say Mom, when you were getting your stuff from the street wasnt that kinda scary as you might run into a cop or undercover dea person, I think that I would have been scared to take that risk going to jail/prison. But I guess if you know your contact person then you can rest a little easier when making the deal. The only thing that I ever bought on the street was back in the 70's and that was pot, it was easy to find. i remember people having little 5 dollar bags in a tree, those were the crazy days for me, acid, speed, all those 70's drugs. Even when I was in the Navy you could buy pot at the barracks and even smoke on the ship, untill a few accidents happened and the pilots had pot in thier systems, Then the service went to zero tolerance, basically 1 dirty urine and you were kicked out. Back to the cost william, it would be well worth it to look and call around, some doctors out there are willing to help a person who is really serious about getting cleaned up.
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WELCOME! Prices vary drastically from doctor to doctor.Shop around.Don't be another victim that pays outrages fees to get free from Opiates.Do your homework.What makes you sure you need Buprenorphine Treatment? Would you please explain what drugs you are using,how much and for how long?This will better help us help you.

Again,I Welcome you William.

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