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Default Brother relapsed... After 10 years.

My brother has relapsed after 10 years of sobriety. I am devastated. So much has changed since he was last addicted. I now have children, one old enough to notice his absence. He was a devoted uncle and present their entire life and although I could see the impending danger of the relapse it came on suddenly. My brother simply turned off his cell phone and disappeared. I saw him the day before and although my suspicions were growing I had no idea he was back in to meth and back in to this caliber. He quit his professional job and just disappeared. The way I found out he was back in to using was in my desperation to find him I ended up alerting many, many friends and family members. Finally, after many days and after learning he was no longer employed a friend of his was able to find him at his house at an odd hour completely strung out, visibly using. His bills are no longer current and he has not been home since the incident involving his friend. He is 29 and the only thing that got him sober the first time was the looming threat of many years in jail. In fact, my brother has a rare condition and that was a big factor on how he avoided time in the first place, and a good lawyer. He literally just got off probation for his previous charges, and he is 29!

I am not sure how to even handle this relapse. This is still a pretty big shocker. Especially since he just up and disconnected his phone. My kids are asking for him and I just say he hasn't called. To make matters worse, I am a single parent and we actually live in his house! He hasn't paid the mortgage for August or September despite me giving him the money and it is another layer of complexity. That is something I just learned about today. I am still trying to figure out a strategy on that one, but I am more worried about how he chose to quit his job and turn off his phone. I don't know if this post is anything other than venting, but it just really sucks.
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