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Cool Totallysickofusing

Since I quit using....thought it was 7 months, turns out it's only 2. Talkabout lack of time perspective. Been using alcohol and drugs sine I was 14. I ended up homeless until I met my soulmate. I am now living in a nice neighbourhood and see a doctor for the after effects of the addiction lifesyle. It's one day at a time and I am not working, but volunteering at my church. I took a vow of celibacy for my own reasons. I have been through 5 rehabs and it just takes what it takes. Anyone feel me? Any advice? Feedback welcomed. Peace out.
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Hi Noturningbacknow. Welcome. Is the doctor you're seeing a psychiatrist or a medical doctor? Do you have people around you who you can lean on for support if you need to? What substance did you quit two months ago (this forum isn't as busy as the alcohol or opiate forum, and I could move your thread if you'd like).

Sorry for all the questions.

Congratulations on 2 months!

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Welcome Noturningbacknow

I usually post on the opioid forum but will come here more as I'm working with recovering addicts and of course this can include almost any substance and behaviour.

Best wishes

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Yes I FEEL YOU. I used to get more ass hot hot than I know. During thE last 5 months Ive got ripped but regret ripped n reflecting on being 37 n where im at. Currently on down swing and Researching 1st off the subs. been 8 yrs. beat the h n pills but energyless picked up mr smith. .Its all coming to an end and Im dking me. not anyone else. well my son to. thats a given. no woman worries. just me.
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