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Default Welcome to the Benzodiazepine Addiction Friends & Family Forum

Hi and welcome.
This forum is for friends and family of those with benzodiazepine addictions to ask questions, find answers, support and hope through each other.

Thank you and welcome.

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Understanding Addiction.
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I have lived for 31 yrs with an benzo / pain pill addict. There are certain behaviors and actions that tend to trigger me into wondering if he has relapsed again. I have been feeling uncertain as to his sobriety for a month or so. I pop random U/A's and they come up clean, so I tend to think its due to PTSD from past drug related events. But yet I can't seem to shake the uneasiness due to I keep getting triggered. This happened again last night when I walked into the bathroom and he was trying to quickly pick up something small he had dropped on the floor and then went straight to the toilet as if he was going to pee. I stopped him and told him to pee in the cup I had. He then claimed he couldn't pee and wasn't getting ready to pee, even though I witnessed him unzip his pants and start to whip it out in front of the toilet! Whatever he had quickly picked up he just as quickly popped it in his mouth and swilled it. He claimed it was a liver support pill. So, the U/A came out negative. But no sooner had I read the results then I glance under the sink and there was a calonzapam(sp) on the floor. I asked him about it and he gave me a lame story about it being a left over sleeping pill that must have fallen out of the cabinet. I KNOW this isn't true! So, my question is, how is he beating the drug test? And please tell me if I'm just over reacting or not. His lies cause me to question what my gut is screaming at me.
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