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Default this is my story!!

I'll start by saying hi! Ian been having an addiction an ready to stop it iam getting to old an want to grow old with my kids I've been having this addition for a couple of years an it all started ova an boyfriend that did it an i didn't but it can happen to anyone in a blink of an eye just by trying it once hope someone can understan where iam comin from is there anyone that has the same problem
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I been on Sub's for a year now i was on 3 a day an i was doing good I felt better but now he's down my does 2 an a half its not helping iam not ready for the I been doing drugs for a long time An I don't feel comfortable with him putting me down it make me want do go back an i don't want that does anyone on here have the same problem or can anyone help with some advice?? He also does ut to only girls an i dont think its fair can he do rhat???
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I need help wirh this my dr took me off 3 a day to 2 an iam not ready for it is there antone thay can help me ??
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Hi britt, are you talking about 8mg film or tablets - 24mg total?

When did your dose get lowered?

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Hey Britt,

Welcome to the Forum.

Nancy makes a good point. How much Sub, exactly, are you taking per day?

Subutex/Suboxone is actually a very strong medication. The thing I found when I finally decided to stop the insanity of using dope is, because, like you, I had been doing drugs for a long time, and often in large quantities, that my MIND did a real number on me.

In other words, due to my drug history, I thought I needed more than I actually needed. I swore I needed 32 mgs a day before I could get any relief. And truth was, Britt, truth was that just wasn't true. I soon learned that 16 mgs a day was totally enough for me.

From there, it was pretty easy to taper down from 16mgs to 8mgs, 6 mgs, to 4 mgs, 4mgs to 2 mgs. Once you get to 2mgs, tapering does become more of a challenge and you will want to go slower.

However, before ANY tapering goes on, you need TIME. Time to get yourself stable on a regular, steady dose.

Like I said, Sub is a highly potent medication.

Now, lemme repeat, it is true that a person needs to get stable on a regular, unchanging dose before they going to feel comfortable.

In any case, before we can be of any real help to you, how about you tell us more of your story, especially what dose you're currently on per day. Total amount, I mean.

Please keep posting.


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It takes a little time but you will get used to the lesser dose. Sometimes you will fell better on a lesser dose, but as an addict that doesn't make sense. This is not a medicine that makes you feel better by taking more. Sometimes it can make you feel worse
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