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has anyone ever had to try to stay clean while living with someone tht not only is the only person helpin yu and keepin yu off the street.. but at the same time the one person tht can emotionally destroy yu. reminding yu everyday wat a dissapointing, pathetic, stupid, druggie..ect. yyu are.
yes iv expressed how deeply sry i am, n expressed how much i love and appreciate all she has done for me. NOTHING i do or say stops her from rippin me to shreds. so my question is.. has anyone else gone through ths and actually got stayd clean? i have no possitive support. meetings help bt only so much. ths person is my mom and she is the worst person to expect anykind of support from... always has been.. she has always showd her "love" by gettn me everythin iv ever needed, and alot of wat i wanted. NEVER been affectionate, and now tht im goin thru the hardest thing ill ever go thru.. she has become worse and actually a pro at putting me down. i dnt see how im supposed to deal w ths.

i dnt want to hear wat i could do to fix ths w me and her. iv done all i cn, and she is who she is. end of story. jus wanna kno if im alone n ths n if its possible to push thru it. thank yu
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My EX (father of my 2 kids) was like that with me.. We were 2gather 10 yrs. He is part of the reason i started using (pain pills) he was so mean about certian things.. We are no longer 2gather, but I still get the most satisfaction out of proving him wrong.. Your not getn clean for your mom, your gettn clean for you.. If i were you i would distance your self from anyone who is negative and tries to bring u down, and try to spend time with ppl who love AND support you.. Good Luck and stay strong. And it will get better!!
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Hello Sarah,
I was going to say pretty much what 31mom said (hello 31mom, how you doin'?? )
You really need people around you that want you to do well and that will support you, its so important.
Be strong, Good luck, we are here for you as your online support family. We are all in the same situation and get what your going through !
”A mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it isn’t open.” - Frank Zappa

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I'm dealing with this very same issue at the moment, with my mother. Your mom sounds very much like mine.. Unfortunately in my case, keeping my nose clean and getting along with family is no longer good enough. I realize there's alot of life progress I need to make in order to live independently, but it's difficult when you have little emotional support. I feel your frustration...
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