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Default Im looking for answers

Hi, Im brand new to this site. I know I have a drinking problem. I have been drinking for the last 20yrs. In the beginning it more social, weekends, a beer or two after work. This was pretty consistant for many yrs. The last, say five yrs. it has developed from beer to whisky. I drink alone alot, and in excess. I dont feel like I have to have a drink everyday, but I do get cravings after a day or two. The last year or so I have noticed my hands shake, and I feel depressed all the time. I also open a pint or a fifth and don't stop until it is empty.
My marriage is on the rocks, and I dont have any self-esteem. I talked to my doctor yesterday and he suggested AA or online support. So here I am.
I have not had a drink in 3 days, but the cravings are kicking in.
Anyone have any advice or suggestions?
I've GOT to beat this problem. I lack on will power.

Thanks for listing,
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Hi Mike and welcome,

From your description it sounds like you have some alcohol issues that you need to address soon. The longer you go without doing something about it, the harder it'll be. This is a progressive disease that gets worse if left untreated. So you're at the right place.

First, let me be clear. You are at the disease stage, it is NOT a matter of will power. From the many years of drinking, your brain has undergone profound changes and will power alone will not fix the problem. When you say you talked to your doctor, is this your primary? You might want to consider a referral from him to an addiction specialist that can really help you with workable solutions. Look at this link There are medication-assisted treatments that can really help with the cravings. You may be a good candidate for one of these options.

It's a good start coming here and online support can be helpful. But face-to-face peer support meetings are also helpful too. There's the "usual" AA, SMART, Rational Recovery...just look at the links at the top of the page and you'll see the peer support groups listed.

You've made it three days without a drink which is fantastic. You can extend it even longer if you get the proper treatment that you need to beat this thing. You have the desire to quit so capitalize on that. You have to want to get sober before any of this other stuff is going to work.

Please look into the links provided here and get busy finding the help you need. You can get and stay sober. It's hard work but it's doable. Don't waste any more time thinking about it. Now is the time to act, before your marriage is gone.

Please come back and let us know how you're doing, what you've found out and how it's working for you. You might want to post under the alcohol dependent forum so more people will see your post. Good luck to you.

Take Care,
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It is good to hear you are confronting your drinking behavior.
Glennda's advice is solid.
I must offer this as well.
If you find yourself having the shakes as you are not drinking, be mindful and careful. Detox from alcohol can be dangerous. Often medical supervision is required. I don't know your condition but I want to make sure you are aware.
Stopping long term alcohol use alone can be potentially fatal.

You are taking positive steps. It may be a struggle at times but you stand a good chance now that you are forming a commiment to quit.
You must stay sober and you need support.
Stay with us.

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