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Default Saturday night blues

Well it is Saturday night and trying not to think about drinking . Usually go to dinner and drink my dinner...Ughhh...This has to get easier....[:X]
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Joy, congratulations on 2 weeks (I read your other thread).

It will get easier. Are you having cravings? Have you read about the medications that might be able to help you, especially at the beginning?

Try to find something to do to keep your mind off of alcohol. This site has a lot of information outside of this forum.

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I used to be in your situation, now I'm really enjoying life without booze.

I haven't posted in a while, but I do read when I can.

Here's my story. It does get easier. Life is much better now. You'll get through this.

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Hi Joy,
Congradulation's on 2-week's, that is great! Sometime's it is 1-day,1-hour or 1-minute at a time.
When you feel like you need the drink , if you have someone to talk to that will be great , you can also remember how you felt after you had gone out drinking or stayed in whichever is the case.
Did you remember everything you did , like you do now because your mind is starting to clear up.
Keep that feeling , if you were hung-over or feeling horrible and figuring that if you just had one drink you would feel better, but the sad part is it is not the 1st drink , it is the 15 that follow.
In no way is it an easy road you are on, but day by day you will start to feel so much better. Getting out of the "FOG" of Alcohol take's awhile.
You will start to notice little thing's, and they are huge.
I feel ( my personal opinion ) is that everyone does some sort of drug to escape something.
When you start to deal with it sober , you will be amazed at how much pain you are truly in.
I find a Therapist work's , I prefer the one on one myself, though there is nothing wrong with AA, I am just a very private person.
I have been sober for 3-year's and I still have night terror's , that is what I call them, but when I wake up and realize . It was just a dream , I feel like a huge wieght has been lifted off me.
I drank because of abuse in childhood from a nieghbor and also finding out I had cancer almost to the day of my 1st year wedding anniversary just sent me over the edge. Luckily I had my Mom,Dad & Husband who were there to help me.
But I found I needed someone to talk too, who would not feel blame (like my parent's for my childhood, I never told them and I hold no blame on them) but I know when I talk about certain thing's , I see it in their eye's .
So for me a Therapist work's , because I can tell him everything and he is there to listen and give me tool's to work with because of all that has happened.
I feel I am very lucky, because I have never had a relaspe and I have NO DESIRE to drink ( and I know I am extremly lucky for that!) . I like waking up in the morning and remembering everything from the day before.
I don't want to keep on going on about me, I just want you to know it can be done, but it is a long road and as long as you are honest with yourself you too can beat this demon.
Try not to isolate yourself and if you need help and have someone you can trust go to them, I use to think that was a sign of weakness , when in reality it is a sign of strength!
This is a great site that you can see that you are not alone and just read other people's storie's and learn from them.

Again CONGRADULATION'S! Celebrate every milestone you get too, you deserve it.

I wish you the best!
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Hello fellows in recovery!
At last (since moving to the State of Georgia) I have found a place for continuing recovery!
Where i come from, you can't swing a dead cat without finding an AA meeting any time day or night... I still haven't found a home group here and am looking in Hepzibah... any ideas there? Anyway...
I have been around the (AA) tables for over 25 years now, and had recently relapsed. I'm sober ~again~ three months now, thank God!
I will state for the record that picking up a drink (for any reason, and there never is a good one!) never gets any less dangerous for an alcoholic. This disease truly is progressive as well as cunnung, baffling and powerful!
At some point, we all have to really come to the realization that we have abused our right to drink like a "normie" and that our bodies will revolt in awful and confounding ways should we choose to pick up again.
During this last relapse (and I say "last" because I have slipped before)I had spent the better part of two weeks shaking and sweating vomiting before I put myself into medical detox. Whee! What fun!! Take it from me (more importantly, from medical professionals) withdrawing from alcohol (or any opitates) can most certainly kill you if you have poisoned your system long enough to have become physically dependant. In my case, even though I had been sober for a number of years, my body immediately responded to alcohol intake as though I had never stopped at all! If you have an signs of being physically dependant, you should immediately make arrangements to be seen by a professional, set yourself on a "weaning off process" (not for long term) until you can get medical attention.
Many times, when taking fellow newbies in recovery to a treatment facility, it was necessary to administer small quantities of alcohol along the way to keep them from having seizures. Going "cold turkey" is never advisable.
My strongest piece of advise to those new to and/or seeking recovery is "to thine own self be true" and always, [u]ALWAYS</u> be honest with yourself, family and the medical professionals that will be assisting you.
You are never alone and you're only as crazy as you make yourself... (in my case, I'm a full blown nut job! but I think the grandkids have something to do with that!LOL!)
Hang in and God Bless!
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Hi findley,
great advice and I'm glad you're doing ok now. My son was starting to follow in Dad's footsteps, but it looks like he' got it out of his system and sees how dangerous it is (especially in our family) It's funny how we get a false sense of security and feel like we can just have one or two drinks. I don't know why I think 1 or2 is so important after all of the damage its caused me. Anyways I hope its behind both of us forever.
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