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Default new to this to this site. Two weeks sober. This is so hard but I am making it....[}]
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Do you have any questions?
How are you managing your sobriety?
Glad to hear your are taking steps.

Feel free to let us know how things are going. You might be a help for someone else.

I will give you one bit of unsolicited advice...
It is important that you don't isolate, you don't need to have people around you all the time, but be sure you have an available network of sober supportive folks.
I hope your attending AA or some sort of self help group.

Stay the course, be patient with yourself. In many ways you're are in a time of transition. The uncharted territory of early recovery. You are going to learn a lot about yourself, and it may be awkward and painful at times.
Don't drink.

ps If you have a slip or even relapse don't be hard on yourself,
do not beat yourself up.
call someone and get back to your recovery routine.

Hope this helps
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Hi Joy,
Congradulation's on your 2-week's , I agree with Jerry. I use to think that not talking to anyone was a sign of weakness, I have since learned it is Courage& Strength!!
I know it seem's like it won't get easier, because usually everyone who drink's to access is usually trying to hide some pain. And feel the drug of their choice will help them , and deep down you know it won't.
Have you ever thought of seeing a Therapist, I have nothing wrong with AA, I just prefer the one on one, and he gave me tool's to deal with my pain.
When the pain come's ( and it will ) keep yourself busy, and don't fall back into the trap , " Well if I have just one drink, that will be OK" It is never the 1st. drink it is the 20 that follow)
If you keep reading this site,you will find you are not alone and that is HUGE!

Good Luck and Keep Strong!
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Who am I without a drink
Right now I can not even think

Who am I without my booze
If I don't quit
I will lose

Can I laugh, joke
And have fun
Without my vodka without my rum

Years of mayhem
Years of pain
It's the name of the game

How will I explain
What will I say
I am just not having a drink today

How many years
Have I been a fool
Using drink as a tool

I pray each day
With hope in my heart
Without a drink
I can have a new start

We shall see
Time will tell
If I can escape this personal hell.
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CONGRATULATIONS on your 2 weeks. Hope that by now it is more than a month of sobriety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey Joy, great on your Two weeks. fire away with what may be on your mind.

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Thumbs up Great Job

FANTASTIC - great job - 2 weeks is wonderful.

I'm only on Day 3 and having some issues - already trying to figure out how I can have just one and be okay (I know that's not possible but my mind is trying for ways)...

Don't look back... please reach out and don't go back.

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