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Default naltrexone


I am new here and am slated to begin naltrexone (oral) tomorrow. Do any of you have any experience with this drug and how effective it is?
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tam, I've used both types of naltrexone. The pills and then more recently the vivitrol shot. Which is enough naltrexone for a month. The thing about the pills is that if I decided to drink, I'd just stop taking them. I guess I wasn't so committed then. With the shot, you can't not take it. It's just there. I found that the naltrexone doesn't make you not want to drink at first, but when you do, you don't get that buzz. Pretty much after a couple of drinks you don't bother any more.

I can only tell you what worked for me. Getting the vivitrol and getting counseling to straighten some things out in my life. It's going on a year for me with no drinking and I've never felt better.

Give yourself a good gift this xmas. Sobriety.

Good luck and keep posting.

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JaneDoe is on point with her advice.
As much as there is medical help to stop drinking, it is your honesty and commitment to stop drinking that makes the difference. Counseling, and some sort of connection with a support group, these thing also help. Good luck.
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