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Default booze and viks

11 days clean and still feel like crap
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Smile Welcome terrykoz !

Hi terrykoz, Welcome to the forum and congrats on 11 days without alcohol and vicoden !
Can you share more about what happened, like how much you drank, how long, did you stop both Cold Turkey or are you under medical supervision? That may make a big difference in how you feel.

You say you feel like crap, I would guess you are still feeling the effects of withdrawal. Are you having Cravings for alcohol or opiates? Do you have any type of support , a 12 step group, counseling etc...?

I hope you will share more when you can. I provided some links below, just click and read. There is a lot ofgreat information on this site. Please post if you have any questions.

Hang in there, Carly
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terrykoz, you still out there? Do you still feel like crap?

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