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Default Am on Sub and drink; introducing myself

Hi everyone, I have been a member of smartrecovery and at NAABT for years. My name is Rachel and I am on suboxone for opiate addiction and a plethora of medications for ADHD, panic disorder and possible bipolar. I am slightly obsessive-compulsive. I have been around AA and NA for many years and cannot seem to follow their dogma. I am a professor of biology at a community college and have hepatitis C.
I take blood pressure medications, 5 mg of xanax, 72mg ofConcerta and 400mg Provigil for my anxiety and ADHD. I take suboxone because I am an opiate -dependent person. I was on methadone from last August to May of 2008, on May 27th I switched to sub. Suboxone stops the withdrawal but produces no high and I don't have to drive across town to get it. I am also taking Soma and Ambien when needed. At night I take four of my five one mg. xanax and 200 mg. of Seroquel; a mood stabilizer. I drink it down with a Bacardi cooler or a Smirnoff raz berry alcohol "pop" that is 5% alcohol but never have more than three. Last night I had one and a half ( I spilled my "pop").
I know that I am an alcoholic ( at least that is what they tell me in AA) but as long as I do not drink a cup of bourbon, I find that one or two are pleasurable.
I am certain my liver may disagree! I know this sounds crazy but I enjoy alcohol but HATE blackouts and hangovers and being sick. I have been totally honest.....I am hoping that I can find encouragement here to stop the drinking as it is probably not a good thing to do with my history and my liver and having hepatitis C. Some of you may say "Are you stupid or crazy?" I am a little bit of each but who is not! Just wanted to say hello; I have got to get ready for work; my office hours start at eleven....eeeks! I am late!
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Rachel - Find an addiction specialist, an addictions psychiatrist or other specialist and review your medications. Ask your infectious disease specialist how you are putting yourself at increased risk for liver cancer and liver failure with alcohol, which lowers the immune system. Find someone who is competent in motivational enhancement therapy to help you get on track with taking better care of yourself.
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Hi Rachel,

Welcome for coming here, I know it was not easy. You have some serious thing's to think over, but I agree with DrN. You need to find someone who spealize's in this and I feel you need to find them fast, they are out there and more than willing to help. But it has to be your first move. As you will find out it is never the 4th or 5th drink it is the FIRST DRINK, that start's you to fool yourself into thinking you can handle it, from what you have written that is not the case. And almost alway's it is never tthe case! You have to come to the fact that that you can no longer drink, there is a world out there that you are missing out on, because I am guessing by your letter, that the liquor is consuming your everyday & thought's. There is HOPE you have to WANT IT!! I am in no way saying it will be easy , it won't . But nothing worth having is EASY!!
You should really try to find a Dr. or Therapist who specialize's in this and get the help you need so bad.
Congradulation's on the first step of writing here and admitting you have a problem,
that is the FIRST STEP and a HUGE ONE!
Someone is alway's here, even if if is just to listen to you vent.
Have you ever thought of a DeTox Center, alot of Insurance's pay for it. But you have to get the liquor out of you, and I fear if you try to go cold turkey there is a VERY HUGE CHANCE that you could have a very serious Seizure!! These Seizure's should not be taken lightly.
I wish you the best!
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Hi Rachel - glad you are here and thank you for sharing. Congratulations on stopping your opiate use, that is a huge accomplishment !

I agree with the previous posts about exploring this further, and soon. It sounds like you are drinking a cocktail for disaster, I worry about the sub. mixed with alcohol, mixed with your rxed meds may supress your respitory system.

I think sometimes people forget the dangers of mixing alcohol with prescribed medications, it is so very dangerous. I am glad you posted this as we all need to be reminded of the health consequences of mixing the two.

I hope you will discuss this with a professional, you have come so far, why take the risk of endangering your health and recovery?

Take care Rachel and keep us posted. Carly
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