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Did anyone hear about Campral to treat alcohol dependence? How can you purchase it without a prescription or how can you get a prescription without spending a lot of money on doctor visits. I just don't have insurance, but I heard this new drug can be very helpful.
Thank you! I appreciate any answers.
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Hi Mickyela

Sorry for the delay in answering but welcome to the site. Read this link:

It lists all available medicaions for alcohol treatment. Campral is listed, too. It's a prescription medication so you will have to see a doctor. You'll need to make some calls to a primary care physician and get an appointment. If you can't do that, perhaps you can get in with the health department or any type of clinic that is for lower income.

You are doing the right thing by looking for help.

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Hi Mickyela,

It is a prescription medication but often a treatment provider will have samples to dispense. When my husband was trying to quit drinking, his psychiatrist gave him a month's sample supply, which saved quite a bit of money. The meds did help curb his cravings and he was able to quit before he used up all the samples. Do you have a doctor? Sometimes if you mention it to your primary they have a "stash" of sample meds just waiting for the right patient. Worth a try, huh?

Let us know if you get access to this med and how it works for you.

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some alternative Treatment approaches include yoga, tai chi, group therapy, counseling, education sessions, therapeutic massage or acupuncture, sober fun activities, physical fitness at the gym, and more..
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