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Default Reaching Out

I have been sober for many years until lately. Then I feel off the wagon and need someone to chat with. I tried AA but that didn't work for me any ideals.
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Hi MsFit,
Relapse is common, but it is a fork in the road, and which fork you take will determine your future. You made the right choice reaching out. AA wasn't for me either but it saved the lives of many of my friends. My first suggestion would be to try a different meeting in another town. Every group of people are different, and you mat just need to find the right group. But there are more options no-a-days. There are medications that can help stop cravings and the post withdrawal feelings, and there is professional therapy that helps identify and resolve whatever reasons you have for drinking (if there are any at all, sometimes just the drinking alone brings on its own set of problems that more drinking appears to least that's what we think at first)

Try and learn what you can about alcohol dependence, as a science. It will help you determine what treatments or methods are worth looking into and which ones area waste of time. Alcohol addiction can touch all aspects of someone's life so improvement in any area of your life will help. A good counselor/therapist/coach can help sort of what your priorities should be and help you find medical acre if needed.

Addiction is a life-thretening disease, so don't let anything else take priority. You can live a normal life again, its just a matter of finding what will work for your particular case. Boards like this are very useful at helping you organize your priorities by forcing you to write your thoughts out.

I find much of the advice given to others applied to me too. I often print out posts and read them when I feel vulnerable.

Glad you came here, the people here are very nice and knowledgeable, and non-judgmental.

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Hi MsFit,

Falling off is very common. I have been blessed that I have not had the desire.
As you AA(although good for some people ( it was not for me), I found getting my own Therapist has helped me alot , I see him every 2-week's.
I like the intimacy of being able to tell someone everything I have been feeling and he look's at it from a different view/and he is not a friend or relative( he never judge's me , he just listen's and give's me some tool's to help me.
I wish you luck!
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