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Default Way to Go!

Wow ........... Thank you for a site like this. I am familiar with the other recovery site, so I know we can expect this site to grow with valuable information and a forum which will provide dearly needed support and answers.

Alcoholism has long been one of those "acceptable addictions" in other words it only became a problem at it's extremes. Thankfully now through the help of medical science the understanding is growing at just how serious it is in it's so called social drinking stage and how it ties in well with another very serious addiction, opiate addiction or the prescription pill craze.

I look forward to learning here as this site grows and as I grow.

As you think, so shall it be!
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Thanks Mike,
Hopefully, this online community will develop into the same kind of support community as the site. I recall there were several people on the opioid addiction site with dual addictions, I hope they find this site useful.

We will be expanding and writing some case studies and practical examples instead of just the reference articles we have now. Any suggestions on the content would be appreciated.

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I am thrilled this site has been set up, I have an immediate family member who is an alcoholic and I have been looking around for sites for my loved-ones to come to and share and learn, I truley believe I started abusing my DOC out of fear of alcoholism.... kinda a well it's better than boozin' it up deal....which by the way it wasn't!!!! One and the same IMO!
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Hi mybestlife and welcome to
I hope that you and your loved ones can find what you're looking for here. Please feel free to let us know if there's anything they can't find. We'll be adding more content frequently, and suggestions are always welcome.
Hopefully the board will pick up soon as we spread the word. Thanks for checking it out!

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I'm glad to see this site. I know quite a few people who could benefit from learning the true facts about addiction. It seems alcohol addiction in particular is least likely to embrace evidence-based treatments, IMO- its because of the long history of alcoholism in our culture. I've noticed almost all of the other sites out there are 12 step based, which is fine for people who do well with 12 step, but some people need more or just aren't compatible with 12 step. It's good to see they have options. I will tell my friends about this site.
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Hi Tim and Nancy, the site looks awesome! You guys are the best!

I'll help spread the word!

Best of luck to you, c (another NAABT member)
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