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Default moving forward

Its time to move forward . I've been on subs for over 4 years and i m feeling like I need to take steps to cut down and then get off eventually. After eating piles of pills I finally stopped eating those when a friend told me about subs. Thank God because the pills were getting harder to find in the quantities I needed and the money was disappearing rapidly. I went from having a bunch of money in the bank and having my bills paid early to having a negative account balance and struggling to even pay my bills , not to mention a giant credit card bill which still haunts me. Moving forward onto the subs was a step in the right direction but the guy I bought them from was raking me over the coals so money was still in short supply . That went on for years until I finally found a doctor that would help me out. Most places I tried wouldn't help because I worked for a living and hadn't totally fallen down, its so hard to get help unless you're on welfare or have no means to pay. I have insurance and work and found its even harder to get help this way than if you had nothing at all. We all have our roads and this was mine. Now that I see a doctor and things are much more stable life has begun to get back to a place that I'm happy with. Much work still ahead though, now its time to work harder and dose down and move forward and get free from the burden I've given myself. I wish everyone luck , keep your head up and keep moving forward. Remember that just because others seem to be going faster, that doesn't mean youre moving backward.
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Hey Rastan,

I'm in a semi-hurry (Ruby INSISTS she needs a walk! Uh, Ruby the dog, not the housekeeper...ha!)

Anyway. Before we're off to the park, I wanted to welcome you.....and make one essential point, vis--vis "Recovery."

One must achieve stability in one's life. Maybe consistency is a better word. Grabbing dope (pills, etc) from the street, or even from a shady doctor, creates a terrible unbalance in one's life.

There are a lot of good and honest doctors that'll work with you the minute you're ready to regain your life. Sounds like you have found such a doctor now. Right?

During my 20+ years of active addiction, dark years they were!, I was never "stable or consistent." Some days I'd "eat" 50 pills, some days I'd eat a hundred. Some days I'd eat none. Oh and on those days, my body was really out of balance. You likely know the feeling. Yes?

Longwinded point made (almost) short: you now need to find a dose of Sub that works for you, that stops cravings, that prevents dopesickness---and stay with it. NO spiking. Ever. No ups 'n downs. Then when you DO begin a taper, you'll taper with the aid of the doc AND of the Support Group you will have joined.

Remember though, there is no hurry. Recovery is not a race. Heck, I've been first to quit many, many times. Problem was, I never stayed quit. And staying quit, that's the goal. That's the victory.

More on all this later. Ruby is insisting!!

But just one more thing, Rastan.

Salvation has come for you, friend. Don't let it just walk on by. Grab that sucker and hold on tight, hold on forever.

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